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Nowadays, quadcopters are becoming more and more popular not only they are inexpensive but because of their impressive features. When it comes to best quadcopter makers, Syma is undeniably worth mentioning.

This manufacturer has already produced lots of high-quality and affordable quads and one of which is the Syma X8C. It is a powerful device that has a reliable as well as decent build. We like this quad simply because, it’s a high-quality quad that is accessible at a very affordable price tag.

Nevertheless, if this quad caught your attention we are recommending you to read our Syma X8C review for more information that may help you in deciding whether this is for you or not. Moreover, brighten up your mind what this drone can offer you.

Let’s start this review by giving you an overview of the impressive specifications and features of Syma X8C.

Product Overview

The X8C is a decent drone that can be bought under $100. It is one of the best options for intermediate flyers and for those who are planning to invest in the quad in which they can attach their cameras.

The Syma X8C Venture is powered by a 200mAh battery, and it is quite large. It is more prominent compared to Syma X5SW as well as Syma X5C. With that said, it is a super stable device and can withstand various conditions.

The headless mode, however, is considered one of its best and coolest features. This feature will allow every flyer to move or control their device anywhere they want notwithstanding of the way it is currently facing,

The Syma X8C drone also comes with a flip mode, LED lights that are mounted on quad’s bottom part, detachable camera, and two rate modes (advanced and beginner).

We also appreciate the fact that this device comes with big landing gear which protects the propeller and the drone itself every time it lands.

Flight Time

8-10 Minutes




3 hours

Key Features

-Headless mode

-LED lights

-Low and high-speed mode

-Big landing gear

-Comes with propeller guards

-Equipped with a camera

-Great for intermediate flyers

-2.4GHz frequency band

-Stable, thanks to its six-axis gyro



-3D lock

-6-axis gyroscope

-IOC or Intelligent Orientation Control System

What’s Inside the Box?

When you buy this quad on Amazon you will receive the following:

-Syma X8C drone

-Four rotating blades

-One 2000mAh battery (Li-on)

-2-megapixel HD camera

-Four landing gears

-Once Card reader

-Four protection blades

-One USB cable for charging

-4GB memory card

-One User manual

-One Screwdriver

Syma X8C Review: Specifications and Features 

In this section, we are going to discuss the quad’s specifications as well as its features thoroughly. Nevertheless, let’s start this Syma X8C review by examining its camera.


Keep in mind that this quad is not as expensive as professional ones. For that reason, when it comes to the camera don’t set your expectations very high.

Its camera does not view a chance against other devices such as Phantom 3 and Yuneec Q500. That said, it is decent for its cost, and more importantly, it is capable of capturing awesome footage.

Nevertheless, below is sample footage captured using the Syma X8C.

Based on the video, it is pretty simple to make out various features. Though it is not a high-definition by any means, it is still ideal for all average hobbyists out there who want to invest in a drone but have a tight budget.

We also like the fact that the gimbal can be adjusted. As a result, you will be able to control the angle of your camera with ease. Note: Make sure to do it before taking off, because there is no way to do it while your device is on the air.

However, if you’re looking for a quad that allows you to control the gimbal while in the air then the Phantom or DJI Inspire can be a great option.

Before we end this part, we want to inform you that the Syma X8C Venture comes with a 4GB memory card which you can place in your device.

The memory card will allow you to take what you have captured and transfer it on your computer. Either way, the Syma X5C also has a memory card which lets you move your aerial photographs and footage to a computer.


syma x8c

The Syma X8C drone will not be completed without a transmitter. This will allow you to move and control your device while it is in the air.

The transmitter of this quad is relatively average. However, just like any other Syma models, it offers similar basic features.

The good thing about the drone’s transmitter is that it will fit in your hands comfortably. Since it is comfortable to hold, there is no doubt you will be able to control your quad with a better degree of accuracy.

In addition to that, it is made of ABS plastic that is light in weight and works on a 2.4GHz frequency.

What’s more, it has an LCD screen, two joysticks, a flip button, a button for activating the headless mode, and an antenna.

What we like the most with regards to the drone’s controller is the LCD. Do you want to know why? Because it displays essential things such as the throttle position, signal reception, and the transmitter’s battery life.

The details regarding the throttle position is beneficial and essential as it will help you in stabilizing your device in the air.

Design-wise, the transmitter looks cool. Nevertheless, it is bathed in white as well as the orange that is somewhat unique from the usual black color that the majority of transmitters have.

Moreover, as what we said a while ago, it has two speed modes, the high and low. Are you wondering what their difference is? The low mode is ideal for beginner quad flyers, and apparently, the high mode is for more experienced flyers.

Even so, the transmitter requires four double-A batteries to work. However, the batteries aren’t included, and you need to buy them separately.

Nevertheless, now that we have discussed the quad’s transmitter let’s now find out how far this quad can fly.


syma x8c venture

Without a doubt, it is considered one of the best features of Syma X8C drone. Either way, this review will not be completed without tackling the quad’s flight range.

The Syma X8C has an imposing flight range. It can fly up to 100m before it begins to lose its signal strength. That is a lot away.

Even so, this is something you do not frequently see in quadcopters priced this at a reasonable cost.

With its impressive remote distance, there is no doubt you will be able to have a long flying experience while capturing beautiful aerial footage as well as photographs.

Keep in mind that the X5C is created by the same manufacturer and provides a flight range of 50m. This fact must offer you an outlook on how impressive the Syma X8C drone is. 

Headless Mode

The Syma X8C has a useful feature known as the “headless mode’. This feature can be an excellent help for beginner flyers as it will allow them to fly their device more accurately.

However, the big question is how does it work? If you’re not new to quadcopters for sure, you’re familiar with this feature, but if not then keep on reading.

Once the headless mode is activated your device will fly in any direction depending on the direction you push the joystick. On the other hand, the drone’s route doesn’t matter.

However, if this feature is switched off, of course, you will have to move the Syma X8C concerning the direction it is currently facing. With that said, maneuvering the drone might be pretty challenging especially for beginner flyers.

Moreover, the headless can be activated with ease. All you have to do is push the button intended for enabling which is found on the transmitter

LED Lights

syma x8c drone

Though this feature is standard in the majority of quadcopters, the Syma X8C, on the other hand, comes equipped with LED lights which allows every flyer to track their device when flying in dark areas.

When you’re operating your quad during the day, the LED lights may not be useful. Even so, if you are flying in a darker condition, then such lights will come in handy.

In addition to that, this quad sports a very bright orange color which let you see your device further away. Nevertheless, this quad is also accessible in black and white colors.


The body of this quadcopter is made of plastic material that is semi-flexible. Meaning to say, it is not a stiff plastic and more importantly, can withstand several falls.

On the other hand, another factor which may offer durability to the body is the fact that the Syma X8C is exceptionally light.

Either way, the body is composed of two parts which can be detached using unscrewing the screws found on each arm.

Charging and Flight Time

In this part, we are going to discuss everybody’s favorite and much-awaited features, the flight time as well as charging time.

The Syma X8C has a decent flight time of about eight minutes. Keep in mind that it is only an average. However, if you do not fly violently and you’re flying in environments with low winds you may enjoy a flight time of 10 minutes which is quite long for its affordable price tag.

When it comes to the charging time, it may take about three hours. In our opinion, it is very long. That said, we are recommending you to buy extra batteries.


syma x8c review

Apart from having impressive features, the Syma X8C is very easy to assemble as well. The only hard part about assembling this quad is placing the propellers together. Moreover, everything else is pretty simple.


The drone from Syma is powered by a 4-Volt 2000mAh Li-on battery that has banana/EC3 connector which is included in the package. On the other hand, buying spare batteries is highly recommended since the charging time is very long


Unlike other quadcopters, the Syma X8C comes with four brushed motors instead of brushless ones. However, such engines are capable of performing flips.

Probably, the manufacturer of this quad none other than Syma opted for a brushed motor just because it is simple as well as economic. Not only that it also gives them a viable edge when it comes to the price.

Nevertheless, the four brushed motors that are utilized in this quadcopter do a good job. Moreover, aforementioned they feature two different speed modes, though the yaw rate, as well as acceleration, are somewhat sluggish.

This may limit turns in the air. However, it is good news for people who want to record stable video.


From a photographic view, this quadcopter from Syma looks like the very popular DJI Phantom, but of course there slight and a few differences.

The Syma X8C has a total dimension of 20″ by 20″ by 6.5″ and weighs 450 grams. As what we said a while ago, it is a large quad so rest assured it would remain stable while flying in the air. On the other hand, if you add propeller guards, the weight will undoubtedly increase to 600 grams.

Either way, if you want to extend your flight time and reduce the quad’s weight then don’t fly the Syma X8C Venture with propeller guards.

Keep in mind that the quadcopter’s propellers are big around nine inches each and more importantly made of high-quality materials. That is why be vigilant about getting your drone close to you as well as other people to avoid any problems and accidents.

With regards to the battery compartment, fortunately, it is straightforward to clean and a 2000mAh battery will perfectly fir without bumping around mid-flight.

With all honesty, we like the quad’s overall design and contemplate the orange one is the most visually alluring of all the colors.

Flight Performance

syma x8c

Let’s end this Syma X8C review by talking about its performance. Similar to X5C, the Syma X8C Venture is extraordinarily stable as well as very easy to fly. On the other hand, hovering, this device is simple as well.

In addition to that, the drone responds to the inputs from it transmitter very well with a bit of hesitation. This quad only makes little noise than the other models in a similar size category when landing.

Because of its weight as well as large size, it’s less likely to flip especially when you are flying in a moderate wind. However, you have to use the flip button with caution just because it is not designed to perform flips.

Furthermore, flipping it indoors in a constrained and tight space is not recommended since it might cause significant damage when it crashes accidentally.

Its remarkable stability makes it a good option when it comes to capturing aerial photographs and even footage.

On the other hand, this quad can lift GoPro cameras. As a result, modifying to switch cameras is possible. Take note if you do this you may put some strain on the motors which might lead to a shorter lifespan.

X8C’s Benefits

-Remarkably stable

-Great value for the money

-Large and durable landing gears

-A decent flight time of 8 to 10 minutes

-Good flight range of up to 100m

-Comes equipped with a camera

-Comes with propeller guards

-It has LED lights

-Bright and cool color

-It is very responsive

-Provides plenty of power

-Durable construction

-It has a stable video platform

-Easy and smooth to fly

-Easy to assemble

-Made of durable and semi-flexible material

-Features a headless mode

-Equipped with 6-axis gyroscope

-Easy to find, and inexpensive spare parts

-This drone is equipped with 3D light which makes flying safer.

X8C’s Drawbacks

-Its camera has an average quality

-Unforgiving crashes

-The charging time is too long

-Its brushed motors burn out with ease

-Doesn’t support First Person Viewing or FPV

-The translated manual isn’t good

-Slow yaw rate

-Doesn’t have a return function and GPS

-Requires FAA registration

Pairing the Transmitter and Quadcopter

syma x8c venture

Here’s how to connect the transmitter to the Syma X8C

Step 1. Place the control stick (left) in a down position.

Step 2. Turn on the quadcopter as well as the transmitter

Step 3. Move the throttle upwards and then back down after which. The controller should beep.

When you hear the beep, congratulations, you have paired your drone and transmitter. Very easy, right?

What Should You Do If Your Quad Is Not Flying Correctly?

If the Syma X8C isn’t flying correctly, you can re-calibrate it by merely following steps below.

Step 1. Put your quad on an even and flat surface

Step 2. Pair your quad to the transmitter.

Step 3. Maneuver both control sticks towards the bottommost right corners and then hold for 2 to 3 seconds.

Step 4. Wait for the lights to flash. After the lights go back to stable your drone is already calibrated.

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt; the Syma X8C is a decent and at the same time great quad that has lots of power and stability. Though it has some drawbacks which are quite reasonable for a product, it is still worth considering. 

Even so, if you are not satisfied with the quad’s camera no worries because you can still go for this affordable quad. As what we have said earlier, its camera is detachable. Meaning to say, you can take off the stock camera then install your camera, a GoPro for instance.

This will allow you to record and capture high-quality footage. Apart from the camera, it has also a decent flight time, good flight range, and other impressive features are sure to make your drone flying experience smoother, more comfortable, stable, and most importantly, enjoyable.

Moreover, if you are not into aerial photography, then this quad from Syma is still fun and great to fly. Hopefully, this content gives you a better understanding of what the Syma X8C Venture has to offer.

Also, if you have any comments as well as questions about this Syma X8C review, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and we will do our best to give you the best possible answer. As always, thank you for reading and have a safe and fun flight.

Flight Time

8-10 Minutes




3 hours






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