Syma X8C Review – Benefits, Drawbacks, and Specs

The Syma X8C Venture Quadcopter comes with a 2000mAh battery, two rate modes (beginner and advanced), and a detachable camera.

Right away you’ll notice that it’s bigger than both the Syma X5C and Syma X5SW. Due to its relatively large size, you’ll have an easier time remaining stable in the wind.

I also like the fact that it comes with large landing gear as this helps protect the bottom of the quadcopter. In this Syma X8C review, we’re going to dive deeper and talk about why this could be one of the best quadcopters of 2016.

Flight Time

10 Minutes


100 Meters


180 Minutes

Syma X8C Review – The Transmitter

Syma X8C

We’ll start with the drone’s transmitter since, after all, this is what you’ll be using to move the drone around in the air.

The X8C’s transmitter is quite average, offering the same basic features as similar Syma models.

It comes with two joysticks, an LCD screen, an antenna, a flip button, and a button to activate headless mode.

Overall, the transmitter for the Syma X8C will fit comfortably in your hands, thus, allowing you to control the quadcopter with a greater degree of precision.

The LCD Display

What I like most about the X8C’s transmitter is its LCD display. The reason why is because it shows things like signal reception, throttle position, and even battery life (for the transmitter).

The throttle position information is useful for helping you stabilize the drone in the air.

From an asthetic standpoint, the X8C’s transmitter looks pretty cool! It comes bathed in orange and white, which is quite different from the traditional black color that most transmitters have.

I also want to mention in this review that the transmitter comes with two speed modes- low and high. What’s the difference between the two? ‘High’ mode is designed for experienced flyers (it makes the transmitter more sensitive).

‘Low’ mode is designed for beginner flyers (since it makes the transmitter less sensitive). Now that we’ve covered the drone’s transmitter, let’s look at what else it has to offer.

The Camera

Remember- this is a drone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. So don’t get your expectations too high regarding the drone’s camera.

The X8C’s camera doesn’t stand a chance against models like the Yuneec Q500 or Phantom 3. With that said, it’s good for its price, and still captures awesome footage. Take a look at some sample footage below:

As you can see from the video above, it’s quite easy to make out different features. It’s not HD by any means, but it’s still great for the average hobbyist. I like the fact that you can adjust the gimbal on this drone.

By that, I mean that you can control the camera’s angle. Note, you’ll need to do this before takeoff as there’s no way to control the gimbal in the air. For a drone capable of that, you’ll want to check out the DJI Inspire or DJI Phantom 3.

Before ending this section, I want to briefly talk about the drone’s SD card. Each model comes with a 4GB SD card that inserts into the drone.

This allows you to take what you’ve recorded and upload it onto a computer. The Syma X5C also comes with an SD card that allows you to transfer your aerial footage/photographs to your computer.

Pro Tip – Attach a GoPro

Want better aerial footage when flying your quadcopter? Then attach a GoPro camera to it.

Unlike smaller Syma models, the X8C has enough thrust to lift a GoPro. This will allow you to capture even better aerial footage while in the air. Keep this tip in mind if you’re thinking about buying the X8C.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is a feature that allows beginners to fly their drone more accurately. In this review, I wanted to mention that it does come with headless mode. How does headless mode work?

Basically, once activated, the drone will fly in whatever direction you push the joystick. The orientation of the drone does not matter.

If headless mode is turned off, then you’ll need to maneuver the drone with respect to what direction it’s facing, which can be quite challenging if you’re a beginner flyer.

LED Lights

Although its standard in most drones, the Syma X8C comes with LED lights that will allow you to track the drone in the dark. When flying during the day, these might not be very useful.

However, if you’re flying your drone in darker conditions, then the drone’s LED lights will really come in handy. Also, the X8C comes in a bright orange color that will allow you to see it from further away (other colors like white and black are also available).

Best Feature – Long Range

No review of this drone would be complete without talking about the drone’s range. In short, it’s very impressive.

The X8C can fly up to 100 meters away before it starts to lose signal strength. That’s a lot way! This is something you don’t see often in drones priced this affordably.

With such a big remote distance, you’ll be able to take your drone further up and capture even more beautiful aerial footage.

Note that the Syma X5C, which is made from the same company, offers a remote distance of only 50 meters. That should give you some perspective on how great the X8C really is.


  • Very Stable
  • Solid Landing Gear
  • Good Flight Time


  • Mediocre Camera
  • Slow Battery Charging
  • Unforgiving Crashes

Flight and Charging Time

In this section of the Syma X8C review, we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite topics: charging and flight time. The flight time for this model is about 8 minutes. Know that this is an average.

If you don’t fly aggressively, and are flying in a low-wind environment, you can probably get about 10 minutes of flight time. The charging time is about 180 minutes.

That’s a real buzz kill in my opinion. Three hours is way too long to wait to get back into the air. For that reason, I recommend buying extra batteries for the Syma X8C.


Let’s end this review by talking about the drone’s design. The design is special because a lot of people say that it resembles the famous DJI Phantom.

In a way, it actually does, however there are a few key differences. The drone weighs 450 grams and measures 20 x 20 x 6.5 inches.

Its bulky size allows it to remain stable in the air. Note that if you add the prop guards, the weight will increase to about 600 grams.

As a reminder, the props for the Syma X8C are BIG (about 9 inches each). Be careful about getting them too close to your body or to other people.

The drone operates off of a massive 2000mAh battery, which also contributes to the drone’s weight. I personally like the quadcopter’s design and think that the orange model is the most visually appealing of them all.

Made From The Same Company

Bottom Line

The Syma X8C is an excellent quadcopter that comes with a ton of stability and power.

Remember that if you don’t like the drone’s camera quality, you can also remove the stock camera and mount a GoPro. That will allow you to capture higher-quality aerial footage.

Also, with a flying time of 7-10 minutes, you’ll get a lot of value for your dollar. If you have any questions or comments regarding this Syma X8C review, leave them in the comments section below. As always, good luck and fly safe.

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