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A full review of the drone and it’s modes: Syma X5SW


If you’re looking for a quadcopter that’s easy to fly and that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the Syma X5SW. If you want to experience FPV flying without spending a ton of money, this is the drone to do it with.

Most FPV drones cost upwards of several hundred to several thousand dollars. However, the X5SW will cost you much, much less. In this review we’re going to talk about why it’s one of the best drones you can buy today.

Flight Time

5 Minutes


50 Meters


130 Minutes

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Syma X5SW Review – FPV Flying With Your Smartphone

By far the best feature about the Syma X5SW is that you can fly it via FPV with your smartphone. That’s right- you can use your smartphone to fly this beginner drone via FPV.

Once connected, you’ll see exactly what your drone sees in real time. Keep in mind that you will need to install Syma’s app on your smartphone in order to utilize this feature (it only takes a few minutes to do).

The X5SW’s box comes with a pair of QR codes that can be scanned in order to bind the drone to your smartphone. FPV flying is a lot of fun, and even more so when you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do it. Let’s continue this review and see what else it has to offer.

Overview – Features and Specs

Syma X5SW Review

The Syma X5SW is one of the best drones that you can buy today. Aside from being able to fly it in FPV mode, the drone itself is relatively stable and highly maneuverable. While the drone’s camera isn’t the best out there, it will still capture descent aerial footage and/or photographs.

One drawback to this drone is its recharging time (which is about 130 minutes). That’s quite a lot time to wait, so it’s recommended that you buy extra batteries to get back in the air as quickly as possible.

Flight Time

No Syma X5SW review would be complete without talking about flight time.

The flight time for this particular model is about average (approximately 5 minutes).

This time can be slightly higher if there’s no wind present and if you’re not flying aggressively.

Note that recording and/or taking photographs can drain the drone’s battery life more quickly than normal.

Camera Quality

So, what kind of quality should you expect from the drone’s camera? As we mentioned earlier, the drone’s camera isn’t great, but it’s also not terrible.

It comes with a 0.3-megapixel camera that offers descent footage for its price.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar model that comes with a camera and FPV capabilities for the same price.

The Hubsan X4 H107D is the only one that comes close. Take a look at some sample footage captured by this quadcopter:

Who is This Beginner Quadcopter Made For?

Next in this review we’re going to talk about who this drone is made for. Beginner flyers? Advanced flyers? Kids? For the most part, anyone can fly this drone.

The reason why is because of its responsiveness and maneuverability. Unless your drone gets caught in the wind, controlling it won’t be a problem (even if you’ve never flown a drone before).

Some other quadcopters that are easy to fly include the Syma X5C and JJRC H8D.

Information-Rich Transmitter

Remember that the transmitter for the Syma X5SW comes with a docking station for your smartphone.

The transmitter’s LCD display will show you things like drone battery life, Wi-Fi strength, and much more.

As any experienced flyer can agree: the more information you have during flight, the better.

I also want to talk about the drone’s directional controls in this Syma X5SW review. Specifically, it’s very easy to move the drone up, down, left, right, and forwards, and backwards.

Plus, this model is even capable of performing flips. Just keep in mind that, like with any drone, you’ll want to start off slowly at first and then start trying out the flips once you’ve become more experienced.

Build Quality

I’d be lying if I told you that this drone was invincible, because it isn’t. Like any drone, if you crash it hard enough, it’s going to break. With that said, this model is pretty tough!

Despite crashing mine into a few trees (and even a rock), it still managed to fly without a problem. This shows a lot about the drone’s overall durability. 

Potential Drawback – Long Recharging Time

Before ending this review, note that the drone’s recharging time is slightly lower than average.

With a charging time of about 130 minutes, you’ll need to wait more than two hours before getting back into the air.

Personally, I’d much rather invest the money in extra batteries than sit there waiting.

Each battery will provide you with about 5 minutes of flight time, so if you buy five batteries, you’ll be able to fly for close to half-an-hour!

Headless Mode

Arguably one of the best features of this drone is headless mode. What is headless mode? Basically, when you have headless mode activated, the drone will always fly in the direction of the controller stick (regardless of which direction its facing).

If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend keeping headless mode on. That will make your drone easier to fly and decrease your chances of a quadcopter crash. Once you become more experienced, you can turn off headless mode and fly as you wish.

One of the Cheapest FPV Quadcopters You Can Buy Today

Historically, flying a drone via FPV has been very expensive (think several thousand dollars). But thanks to the rapid increase in drone technology, it’s now possible to fly via FPV without spending a ton of money.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper model that comes with FPV technology. I hope that this Syma X5SW review has helped you answer any questions that you may have had about this drone. Good luck and fly safe.

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