Instrucion and review: Syma X5C drone

When it comes to the best manufacturers of quadcopters, undeniably Syma is considered one of them. They have already released lots of helicopters and quadcopters and one of which is Syma X5C drone.

It is a superb drone that is packed with impressive features. However, spending $500 or $1000 for purchasing a camera quad isn’t always a good idea especially if you can have a feature-rich quad at a very affordable price.

The Syma X5C provides a reasonable flight time of around 7 minutes that’s pretty good. However, it may vary depending on how you fly it. Overall, this quad is very easy to handle, can perform flips, and most importantly comes equipped with a camera.

Nevertheless, if you are interested to know more about this quad, then you have come to the right place. In this Syma X5c review, we are going to talk about most of the essential things that you need to know regarding this quad. Let’s get started.

Syma X5C – Where to Buy

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What’s Inside the Box?

This quadcopter comes fully equipped with all the things that you need to take off. With that said, when you purchase this drone on Amazon here are the components that you will see once you open the box.

-Syma X5C Drone

-Li-Po battery

-Four removable prop guards

-Syma X5C instructions (user manual)

-Remote Controller


-Two landing skids

-One USB cable for charging

-Four rotating blade

-SD disc

Key Features

-6-axis gyroscope stabilization system. This feature offers the quadcopter a strong air balance as well as allows it to balance in the air precisely.

-7 minutes flight time

-100 minutes charging time

-Decent camera

-360-degree eversion. Another great feature that lets the quad roll in flight continuously without dropping control.

-Spread Spectrum Control that offers the quadcopter better responsiveness, longer duration, and greater flight distance with lesser intrusion than radio control.

-1.6 pounds

-16.5” by 12.2” by 3.8” (total dimensions)

-Equipped with LED lights

-50m remote distance

-Hover capability

-Modular design

-Wind resistant

-An operating frequency of  2.4GHz

-Can store 800 pictures

Syma X5C Review

syma x5c Drone

Here’s an in-depth review of the awesome features of Syma X5C drone.

Speed & Agility

Let’s start this review by discussing the quad’s agility and speed.The X5C can zip over the air quickly. The controls are not only extremely responsive, but you will also be able to do a 360-degree flip by merely pushing a button.

On the other hand, controlling this device is a bit hard particularly in a windy condition. It’s something to consider before making a purchase. Nevertheless, this Syma X5C review will not be completed without tackling its size.

Aforementioned, this beginner drone weighs around two pounds. Because of its lightweight design flying, this drone in a wind gust that is more than 20mPh is not recommended. However, generally, the X5C stabilizes and handles very well.

Moreover, its six-axis gyro helps a lot in stabilizing the device in a low to moderate wind. Whether you are an expert or beginner flyer, having the ability your quad through a higher degree of precision is crucial, and that is precisely what this quad offers.

Let us continue this Syma X5C review by talking about the quad’s remote distance and transmitter.

Remote Distance and Transmitter

Based on the picture above, X5C’s transmitter looks quite basic. It has two joysticks, one for directional control while the other one is intended for the throttle. Apart from the joysticks, it has also an LCD which will provide valuable information regarding your flight.

To control it, you have to switch on the transmitter before the quadcopter. With this quad, you will anticipate a remote distance of 50m. It is essential to keep in mind that when you fly further your signal will become poorer.

The transmitter, on the other hand, is powered by double-A batteries that aren’t included in the box. Nevertheless, from a comfortable view, the transmitter will surely fit in your hands that allows you to make the most of your control through your device.

The X5C itself is very responsive towards the controls found in the transmitter. The moment you hit a particular direction in the transmitter, your device will go in that way. Nevertheless, its transmitter has a 2.4GHz operating frequency that is powered by double-A batteries.


Since this device is accessible at a very reasonable price tag making any protests about the camera is not easy. Either way, its camera is regarded as reasonably stable, and it’s capable enough to capture impressive photos from the air.

The Syma X5C drone delivers 1280 by 120 recording ability at 30fps. Nevertheless, to give you an idea what the mentioned numbers mean, here are some aerial shots that are captured using this quad.

Syma X5C – Where to Buy

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The aerial footage is justly decent. You can make out homes, landmarks, and even persons with this quad’s camera with ease It is also equipped with a MicroSD card which provides personal storage to all your images as well as recorded videos.

However, the device’s controller unit can only send a signal to the quad, and it can’t control the actions of the camera. As a result, your camera stays focused in one direction at all times, and you need to fix the focused during your shoots.

Also, when your quad is in the air, you can’t apply zoom, focus adjustment, or direction sensing inputs controls. Either way, if you’re looking for a quad that has a greater recording capability, then the Phantom 3 from DJI is worth considering.

Warning:  The Syma X5C drone doesn’t let you record thru first-person viewing (FPV). Though it is capable of recording aerial footage, you will be able to see what this device perceives in real time.

However, if you want to give this feature a try at a lower price, we highly recommend the Syma X5SW as well which is X5C’s close cousin.

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Design & Build

In this section, we are going to discuss the quadcopter’s build and design. To make it short, the Syma X5C drone can take some beatings. This quadcopter is best-suited for beginner flyers who are anticipated to crash often.

Another good thing about its design is that swapping out its parts which are damaged is relatively easy. Also, we like the point that this quad from beginner flyers comes with propeller guards as well as landing gears for additional protections and weight.

While the propeller guards lessen the drone’s flight time, there is no doubt they do a great job when it comes to protecting your propellers. If you crash this quad into cars, trees, rocks, or pavement, trust us, it still functions perfectly.

With regards to the materials, the Syma X5C drone is made of decent quality plastic. What’s more, it features a combination of red and white colors that make it more appealing. Even so, the quad’s structure is wide and thick, and sad to say some flyers find it is quite bothersome.

As a final point, because of its lightweight design, if this quad crashes to the surface, the impact is not that strong. With that said, for the build and design, we are giving this quad an A+.

Flight Time

This review will not be completed without discussing the quad’s flight time. As what we said a while ago, the Syma X5C drone has a decent flight time of around 7 minutes. Moreover, for our personal experience, we can give an undertaking for the said flight time.

Either way, if you are planning to fly hostilely, for instance, fly fast or change directions more rapidly, apparently, the flight time will be lowered down. In addition to that, if you are recording, then you will experience shorter flight times.

It is also highly commended that if you are not recording it is best to remove the camera from the Syma XC5 drone to reduce further weight and most importantly, fly longer. Windier conditions, on the other hand, take away flight times as well. Either way, if want to enjoy longer flights then buying spare batteries is a good idea.

Flight Performance

syma x5c Drone

Are you looking for an excellent quadcopter that performs without any trouble and breaking your bank? If so, then the Syma X5C drone can be a great option. This quad is very popular among beginner flyers for some good reasons. Mostly for its very easy and simple to use controls as well as features. 

This quadcopter, on the other hand, can be flown outdoors and indoors owing to its speed mode which enables a gradual and at the same time smooth learning process for beginner flyers to familiarize the flight controls.

Because of its smooth controls as well as incredible stability, the performance that the Syma XC5 drone has in the shop for first-time and beginner flyers is undeniably exceptional.

On the other hand, this quadcopter has two modes the expert mode and the regular mode. You can activate the expert mode using pushing the switch button. This mode functions faster controls. Also if you take out the propeller guards, you will accomplish more improvement.

With expert mode, flyers will be able to enjoy tossing operations as well as other advanced controls. Nevertheless, the regular mode provides safer and easier flight so that flyers most especially the beginners might feel comfortable when it comes to controlling the controls.

Moreover, since the Syma X5C drone is durable, it may endure minor crashes without serious damage.

Ease of Use

Since it is a beginner quadcopter there is no doubt flying the Syma X5C drone is very easy. It does not matter whether you have utilized or not. The Syma X5C instructions are stated in multiple languages. Apart from that, you can also see a user manual online.

On the other hand, right from the primary set up to maneuvering the quad, the Syma X5C drone will not bore you. The learning curve for this quad is effortless and small at the same time.

Either way, you will only need half an hour of training, and after which you will be flying your quadcopter like a professional flyer.


syma x5c review

Aforementioned this quadcopter from Syma is powered by a Li-Po battery (3.7V 500mAh) which allows you to enjoy around seven minutes of flying experience without recharging it. Since such batteries are relatively inexpensive, we recommend purchasing some extra ones.

6-Axis Gyroscope Stabilization

With this feature, you will enjoy a smooth flying experience. As a matter of fact, according to several user reviews, the X5C is considered one of the smoothest quadcopters for the price range.

The six-axis gyro stabilization, on the other hand, can offer you a better correction when it comes to altitude displacement unlike models with 3-axis stabilization.

In addition to that, this feature offers different types of movements which will correct for unplanned movements automatically. These comprise the roll, three pitch, and yaw gyroscope sensors.

Likewise, there are three additional accelerometers which will pay off for the movements you’ve not directed in the three dimensions of your flight. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about your quadcopter being gusted away by unexpected flips or rushes of winds.

Even so, this is will also allow you to detect side slips with ease most especially when you make a sudden turn. As a result, you will be able to boost your flying experience letting you create sharper turns when you apply the quadcopter’s rudder and set up the roll control.

Nevertheless, you will surely like this stabilization feature, even more, when you fly the Syma X5C drone.

Four-Channel Movement

syma x5c instructions

This affordable yet quality quadcopter from Syma is made with a 4-channel movement which offers excellent maneuverability. The X5C can provide you with lots of options so that you will be able to turn and strafe in mid-air.

In addition to that, it gives every flyer the common control options like up & down, forward, and backward movements.

On the other hand, you can even roll and flip it by merely holding shoulder button which is found on the controller. As a result, once you’ve mastered the regular flights you can still utilize this quad if you want to perform excellent acrobatic movements.

Add-Ons and Modifications

With regards to the add-ons as well as modifications, there are lots of things that you must consider buying for the Syma X5C drone to make your flying experience fun and more thrilling.

As what we said a while ago if you want to have longer flight time, it’s highly recommended that you buy spare batteries. In addition to the batteries, you can also buy spare parts so that you will be able to change the parts as soon as possible when you accidentally break your quad.

Moreover, buy a carrying case so that you will be able to carry your device safely and conveniently wherever you go.

What We Liked

-It’s highly durable

-Syma offers easy access to all external as well as internal parts in case any flyer have to change the damaged parts because of crash damage.

-Six-axis gyroscope stabilization

-Comes equipped with a decent camera

-It is a stable quadcopter that flies both indoor and outdoor locations with ease

-Agile and fast device

-Capable of performing 360-degree eversion flips

-Light in weight

-Decent flight time for its price range

-Comes in a very affordable price tag

-Easy to fly making it ideal for first-timer and beginner flyers.

-Equipped with propeller guards that can resist collisions

-Easy to assemble especially when you rely on the Syma X5C instructions provided by the company or manufacturer.

-Super responsive

-Nice design and color combination

-Outstanding battery life

-Modular and durable design

-Decent flight performance


-Flexible and simple

-Ready to fly

-The landing gears are durable

What We Didn’t Like 

-Extremely long charging time

-Its motors are a bit noisy

-Because of the added propeller guards, this quad becomes heavier.

-Doesn’t come with a GPS tracking

-The LCD doesn’t feature an APV indicator

-It doesn’t allow the flyer to record thru FPV

-The transmitter looks basic

-Flyers will not be able to see the quad perceives in real time

-Short remote distance

-Few features

-Flying this quad in more than 20mph wind gusts is not advisable.

-Not suitable for children ages 13 and below

-No additional flight modes

Tips for Flying Your X5C

syma x5c Drone

Here’s how to fly your Syma X5C drone properly:

  1. Whether you like it or not, you will crash your quad while operating it. With that said, it is best to buy spare propellers and other essential parts so that you will be able to replace immediately.
  2. When you’re comfortable with the drone’s flight characteristics as well as controls removing the propeller guards is highly recommended. Since this will allow you to fly faster and longer at the same time due to the reduced weight.
  3. As what we have said, the batteries take more than one hour to charge, thus having spare batteries always come in handy so that you are not still waiting for the batteries to recharge. Also, we are advising you to use a multiple battery charger that usually comes with 4 to 6 batteries. This will let you fly non-stop.
  4. Before using this quad ensure that the battery is ready and most importantly fully recharged.
  5. Do not insert the battery when your quad is turned on.


If you’re searching for a beginner or entry level quadcopter that is relatively durable, easy to control, easy to fly, and more importantly, affordable then the Syma X5C can be a good option.

This model is considered one of the highly recommended quadcopters for beginner flyers. With that said, if you are planning to practice quadcopter flying without spending your hard earned money in replacements, parts, and repairs then this is for you.

At less than 60 dollars, the pricing is perfect for the majority of beginner flyers. On the other hand, its firmware has gone through developments which will generally assure you more stable flights.

Also, it is designed with many different protective features like the landing gears as well as propeller guards which will lessen the damage during crashes or impact.

When it comes to the performance, there is no doubt this quadcopter will give you a smooth and fun flying experience without breaking your bank thanks to its six-axis gyroscope stabilization system.

It has a low rate, meaning you can fly it tight and small spaces or indoors comfortably. Moreover, it also has a high rate that is ideal for outdoor flying since it will let you obtain better agility as well as speed performance.

Though, a bit is learning curved that in involved in flying this quad. However, it is incredibly responsive to the commands.

Bottom Line: A Great Beginner Quadcopter That Will Not Break Your Bank 

To wrap up this review, the X5C is a quadcopter the will not break your bank while letting you have lots of fun in the process. We like the fact, that it is very durable. With regards to its price for sure, you will have a hard time making complaints.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to fly such devices for the very first time, we’re advising you to start with this quadcopter before moving up to a more expensive model.

Keep in mind that it is better to crash the Syma X5C drone than the DJI Phantom 3. Either way, if you’re planning to buy this quad, don’t forget to purchase extra batteries especially if you want to have a longer flight time.

Also, if you’re having a hard time assembling it don’t hesitate to read the Syma X5C instructions given by the manufacturer. Hopefully, this Syma X5C review has helped you a lot. Thank you for reading and have a safe flight.

Syma X5C – Where to Buy

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