A full review of the Hubsan X4 H107D

Hubsan have been creating quadcopters for quite a while now, and the Hubsan X4 H107D is considered one of their best quads. If you are currently on the market for an inexpensive quadcopter that has FPV capabilities, look no further because the X4 H107D can be a great option.

The Hubsan 107D is an excellent choice for beginner flyers and those who are planning to get their first quad but on a tight budget. It is a decent quadcopter considering it comes with an FPV controller and a good camera without paying large amounts for it.

The Hubsan X4 H107D is a durable, high-quality, easy to use, small, and lightweight drone that can surely offer you an introduction to the fast stirring world of quadcopters. Apart from that, it can fly for seven minutes on a single charge.

Similar to other inexpensive drones, this model requires some practice to become accustomed to, but beginner flyers will surely handle it.

Either way, if you want to know more about this quad then keep on reading. In this Hubsan X4 H1017D review, we will show you everything that this quad has to offer. Let’s get started.

What’s Inside the Box?

-Hubsan X4 H107D Quadcopter



-User manual

-A USB cable for charging

-Li-Po Battery


Flight Time

Seven Minutes

Remote Distance

100 meters


35 grams

Charging Time


Experience Level







380mAh Li-Po

LED Lights


Hubsan X4 H107D Review

Hubsan X4 H107D

Remote Distance and Flight Time 

When buying a drone, the majority of shoppers tend to ask about the device’s flight time. For the Hubsan 107D, you will expect a decent flight time of 7 minutes.

Some of you may think that is too short. Many drones that are accessible at the same price tag has shorter flight times. Having that said, you are getting a good deal with this quad.

This quad, on the other hand, has a flight range of up to 100m away. It is quite far for its affordable price. Nevertheless, with its decent flight range, you will surely have a great flying experience with X4 H107D.

Even so, if you are looking for a drone that has more flight time, the DJI Phantom 3 can be a great option. This model has a flight time of 20 minutes on a single charge though it is quite expensive compared to X4 H107D.

Battery and Charging Time

The drone’s battery takes about 30 to 45 minutes to charge fully. Thus, having spare batteries recommended because definitely, seven minutes is not an adequate amount of time to fly your drone.

Even so, when the drone’s battery is getting low, the LED lights will begin to flash and you will have to wait for approximately seconds before its motors will shut down and the drone will crash or land.

Nevertheless, this quad comes with a USB charging cable that you can use to recharge the X4 H107D.


hubsan x4 h107d review

This Hubsan X4 H107D review will not be completed without discussing its camera. The X4 H107D comes equipped with a 0.3-megapixel sensor that can deliver decent aerial shots.

On the monitor, the footage displays at 720 x 480 resolution whereas it records at 640 x 480 resolution. However, with Hubsan X4 H107D you will not be able to record in HD-quality, but rest assured you will still get an fantastic FPV shot for an affordable price.

It is also important to note that the videos will be recorded in an AVI file format. Meaning to say, if you want to watch the footage on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you will need to utilize a video converter which makes it viewable on such platforms.

Further, bear in mind that you are not obliged to fly FPV. Meaning to say, you can fly while looking at your quad directly. On the other hand, the camera also supports an SD card, but sad to say; it is not included in the box.

In our opinion, flying thru FPV has never been an easy endeavor, most especially for beginner flyers. Either way, to give an idea regarding the drone’s camera quality, here’s some sample shots or footage:


Usually, flying thru FPV has been extremely expensive. A few years ago you need to pay large amounts of money to experience an FPV flight. However, today, it is now possible to experience an FPV flight without breaking your bank, owing to the rapid increase in quadcopter technology.

The Hubsan X4 H107D is one of the most affordable FPV drones that you can buy on the market today. Having that said, with this model you will be able to experience impressive FPV flights at a reasonable price. It is considered one of the most attractive features of this quad.

Either way, if you’re looking for another option, then the Syma X5SW is your best bet. This quad is much cheaper and has FPV capabilities as well.

FPV Capabilities

Another good thing about this quadcopter from Hubsan is that you will be able to experience FPV flights. The H107D’s transmitter comes equipped with a 4.3 inches LCD viewing monitor.

In the monitor, you will see what the Hubsan X4 H107D sees in the real time. Moreover, despite its affordable price, there is no delay between the quads camera and transmitter’s monitor. We would say that this is not a bad thing for a budget-friendly quad.


Hubsan X4 H107D

The Hubsan 107D is not only top notch when it comes to performance, but regarding design as well. This quad comes equipped with a white frame and propellers with opposite color (two red and two white).

In addition to that, it also features two LED lights that look like angry eyes that looks very cool. Nevertheless, for some buyers, the drone’s aesthetic design does not matter. However, if this matter to you, then the Hubsan 107D is perfect for you.

When it comes to the camera’s lens, it can be found on the drone’s front body. The battery, on the other hand, fits on the rear of the quadcopter body sliding between the electronic parts. Nevertheless, this quad doesn’t have an on and off switch.

Lightweight and Durable Frame 

Another impressive thing that sets the Hubsan X4 H107D drone apart from other cheap models is its lightweight as well as a durable frame. Since it only weighs 35 grams, you will be able to control it aggressively.

The only downside is that flying or managing it in a windy condition will be very difficult. When it comes to durability, this Hubsan quadcopter is pretty tough.

Propeller Guards

In this part of our Hubsan X4 H107D review, we’re going to discuss the quad’s propeller guards.

Without a doubt, propeller guards are essential, especially for beginner flyers? Why because they are going to smash a lot and the propeller guards will protect the props from breaking.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that propeller guards will decrease the flight time of your quad. However, it is only by a little amount.

In our opinion, if you are not that skilled when it comes to flying a drone, it is best to keep your propeller guards on. Moreover, as soon as you become more proficient, you can remove those guards when flying your device.

Remote Controller

hubsan x4 h107d review

In this part of our Hubsan X4 H107D review, we’re going to discuss the quad’s remote controller. The remote controller of this drone has two different modes: beginner and expert mode. The controls in beginner mode aren’t sensitive which makes flying much more comfortable.

The expert mode, on the other hand, allows you to perform cool maneuvers and flips. Moreover, with this mode, you will be able to configure the controls depending on your level of experience.

As what we said a while ago, the controller has a decent range of 100 meters, but if you utilize the FPV feature, the battery will drain much faster.

Further, the drone’s controller comes equipped with a 4.3″ screen that offers decent footage. If you have FPV goggles, you can attach it to the controller especially if you want to have more immersive flying experience.

However, make sure that your FPV goggles are compatible with your drone’s video signal. Also, this makes Hubsan X4 H107D a good option for quadcopter racing, you perhaps will not win lots of races, but if it’s your first time to participate in a drone racing, then this quad is a great option.

Parts and Repairability 

Crashes are inevitable with quadcopters like the X4 H107D. In due to course, sending your quad traveling around is going to end with unplanned encountered with trees and even pavements.

As a result, like any other racing quadcopters, this quad from Hubsan needs to easily, quickly, and cheaply repairable. Fortunately, replacing the components is very easy and affordable. All of the parts are very affordable.

What We Liked

-Easy and fast to fly


-Spare parts are easy to install and inexpensive

-Extremely maneuverable

-Features a six-axis gyroscope control system

-Decent flight range

Comes equipped with a camera

-It has FPV capabilities




-It can withstand occasional crashes

-Great indoor performance

-Can perform flip and stunts

-Equipped with LED lights

-Support SD card

What We Didn’t Like

-The batteries needed for the transmitter are not included in the box.

-Short flight time

-Difficult to control and maneuver during windy conditions

-The range for the video signal is pretty short.

-Can’t record HD quality

-Compatible with FPV goggles

Flying Hubsan 107D: What Can You Expect?

Hubsan X4 H107D

Because of its small size, the Hubsan X4 H107D can zip over the air effortlessly. Apart from that it is incredibly responsive and responds to its transmitter pretty well. However, this inexpensive quad does not stabilize well. Meaning to say, if you let go its controls, this device will start to drift.  

Thus, if you are looking for a drone that retains its position while flying and is capable of shooting stable aerial footage then quads like DJI Inspire as well as DJI Phantom 3 can be a great option.

Such options are more expensive, but you will surely obtain what you pay for. Either way, for average hobbyists who are merely looking for some fun, then the X4 H107D will be fine.

Is It Worth The Price?

In our opinion, the X4 H107D is worth every money. Typically, you won’t be able to find FPV flying most especially in quad models priced this cheaply, but this drone from Hubsan is a rare exception.

With a flight range of 100 meters, lightweight yet durable design, as well as a decent flight time of seven minutes, you will surely have a great with this drone.

Bottom Line

To conclude the Hubsan X4 H107D is a brilliant purchase for people starting to fly a quadcopter. Indeed it is a remarkable device that makes drone flying look a lot easier.

Though its camera is not the best out there, it is great enough for a fun FPV flying experience. What’s more, beating its 100 meters range is very difficult. Either for someone or beginner looking for some fun, then this quad can be a great option.

Hopefully this, Hubsan X4 H107D review gives you a clear understanding of what this drone has to offer. Good luck & have a safe FPV flying experience.  






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