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Drones For Kids – Top 10 Models


As drones continue to grow in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before the kids will want one of their own. Fortunately, there are tons of great drones for kids out there. Look at the Cheerson CX-10 (see below) as an example.

It’s small, cheap, and can be flown indoors. We’re going to start by showing you how to shop for a drone (what to look for, etc.) then show you some of the more popular models for children on the market. Let’s get started!

Drones For Kids – 4 Qualities to Look for When Shopping

Quadcopter shopping for a kid (or teen) is a lot different than shopping for an adult. Children need drones that are easy to fly and that won’t break the bank. Here are four qualities to look for when shopping for a quadcopter for a kid:


Try to spend no more than $50-$100 on the drone. As beginners, kids will do a lot of crashing with their quadcopter. For this reason, you’ll want to keep your investment low.

Ease of Use

The drone should be easy to maneuver. If the controls are too sensitive/aggressive, your kid may have a difficult time controlling their quadcopter (here’s a good choice).


Focus on smaller-sized models, especially if you’re going to fly indoors. For example, the Syma X11 can be flown in doors while the UDI U818A cannot.

Prop Guards

All of the best drones for kids will have prop guards on them. Prop guards will prevent the propellers from breaking after a crash. Highly recommended.

These aren’t concrete rules, but they are considerations to keep in mind. A great model, which will be discussed below, is the Air Hogs Helix X4.

It’s small, lightweight, and will do minimal damage if it accidentally hits a person. Let’s take a look at our top 10 recommendations and why.

#1: Syma X5C

drones for kids

The Syma X5C is a great model, not only for adults, but also for kids. 

That’s because it meets the four qualities we mentioned above: it’s small/lightweight, comes with prop guards, is easy to fly, and won’t break the bank. 

It's fast, responsive, and comes with a camera. The camera is okay (don’t expect HD quality for the price tag). It even allows you to perform flips at the push of a button! Your kid will love this quadcopter. We guarantee it.

#2: UDI U818A

The UDI U818A is a close rival to the X5C. That’s because they both cost about the same and offer roughly the same specs

It gets about 7 minutes of flight time on a single charge. That’s about average for its price tag.

The reason why it’s one of the best drones for kids is because it comes with built-in prop guards that completely circle the propellers. So if your kid crashes (which is very likely if it’s their first time flying), they won’t lose their props.

#3: Cheerson CX-10

Of all the quadcopters on this list, the CX-10 is arguably the best for children and teens. Why? Because it’s small enough to be flown indoors. Although tiny, this is an excellent beginner quadcopter.

It will teach you the fundamentals of flying until you’re ready to move up to a more expensive model.

The only downside is that smaller models tend to have short flight times (the CX-10 has a flight time of about 4-5 minutes max).

Since the CX-10 is so cheap, I recommend buying two of them. That way, if one breaks, at least your kid will have a backup to play with.

#4: Hubsan X4 H107L

The Hubsan X4 H107L is one of those RC drone that’s great for both kids and adults. Without its battery, it weighs just 28 grams.

So you can most likely fly it inside without having to worry about doing any serious damage to your property. Secondly, the drone charges quickly (about 40 minutes) and can fly for about 8 minutes on a single charge.

Overall, that’s pretty good. Kids will love the fact that the drone is easy to control. Just make sure that they don’t switch the controls to “Expert Mode”, which can be very challenging to control.

#5: Hubsan X4 H107C

The Hubsan X4 H107C is a close cousin to the H107L.

While they look similar, there’s a big key difference between the two: The H107C comes with a camera.

Now, if you really want to make your kid happy this year, buy them a drone with a camera. They’ll love it.

I’ll admit that the camera quality isn’t super clear, but it’s enough to make out people and other objects. This is one of the better drones for kids that you can buy.

It sells for a relatively decent price, which is an amazing bargain. This is a great quadcopter to hone your skills with until you’re ready to move up to a more expensive model.

#6: Parrot Rolling Spider

As you can see from the picture, the Parrot Rolling Spider is a unique quadcopter.

That’s because it comes with a pair of wheel-shaped prop guards on both sides of the drone.

These help protect the drone’s body and propellers from damage.

Similar to the Parrot Bebop, you can control this drone with a smartphone or tablet. Considering how savvy children are becoming with electronic devices, this likely won’t be a problem.

Note, you don’t have to fly with the prop guards on. Once your kid becomes more comfortable behind the controls, he/she can take them off to increase their flight time.

#7: Dromida Ominus

Don’t allow its “aggressive” look to fool you- the Dromida Ominus is in fact a kid-friendly drone.

It’s fact, it’s one of the few drones that can really take a beating and keep on flying.

There are a few things to know about this quadcopter. First, it has a long flight time. Like impressively long.

During testing, I was able to achieve an average flight time of about 11 minutes. Not bad for a budget-friendly model.

Secondly, the Dromida Ominus has a unique look to it (almost like a predator), which kids will love. Like many of the quadcopters on this list, it’s also capable of performing one-button flips (no skill necessary).

#8: Air Hogs Helix X4

The first thing you’ll notice about this drone is that it’s completely covered in foam.

For kids, this is a good thing (or for any flyer really). Because of its unique design, the Air Hogs Helix X4 can really take a beating.

The average flight time for this model is about 6 minutes. Note that this is an average.

If you fly aggressively, or if there’s a lot of wind present, it will be lower. Charging the battery back to maximum capacity only takes about 30 minutes or so, which is ages less than the X8C (which takes 180 minutes).

This is one of the best most exciting drones for children for the simple fact that it can take a beating, no matter where you’re flying it.

#9: Proto X

Scaling it back down we have the Estes Proto X. This nano quadcopter is quite fun to fly.

Although it measures out at just 5.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches, it has a surprising amount of thrust, allowing you to zip through the air with ease.

As with most nano quadcopters, expect a flight time of 4-6 minutes.

Again, this can be higher or lower depending on several factors (where you’re flying it, your flight style, etc.).

It’s a fairly solid drone that can definitely stand some crashes. After crashing mine into the ceiling fan, the wall, and a wooden chair, all I had to do was replace a few propellers. Not bad for such an affordable drone.

#10: Eachine H8 Mini

The Eachine H8 Mini is on the smaller side, making it one of the top RC drones for teens out there.

One reason why it’s so popular is because it offers a “Return-to-Home” feature. What is it exactly?

This function, which can be activated at the push of a button, allows the drone to return back to its original starting location.

With a flight time of 6 minutes, a charging time of 30 minutes, and a durable/lightweight frame, it meets all the criteria that we mentioned above. Both children and teens will love this beginner quadcopter.

Notable Mention - Blade Nano QX

The reason I put this as a notable mention is because it’s not cheap enough, in my opinion, to be considered a good model for kids.

While it is small, and comes with prop guards, the price is a little steep compared to the other models on this list. 

It gets about 8 minutes of flight time and charges in about 40 minutes. The drone comes with both a sleek body and a sleep transmitter.

Thanks to the drone’s signature SAFE technology, controlling it won’t be too challenging. For teens, this model might be okay, but for smaller children it’s not recommended.

Bottom Line

There you have it- 10 drones that are perfect for kids and/or teens. The reasons we chose these models is because they are easy to fly, won’t break the bank, and are relatively small (some are even small enough to be flown indoors).

When in doubt, go with the Syma X5C. It’s a solid model that will give you the most bang for your buck. If you have any questions regarding this list of drones for kids, leave them in the comments section below. Good luck and fly safe.


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