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Drone photography tips

Creating the best experiences: Drone photography tips


Drones have become extremely versatile, opening up new opportunities in the market for their use. One such method for the drones that have become available for the general public is aerial photography. Thus, having some drone photography tips is essential.

In this article, we’ll share with you several drone photography tips that will surely help you out.

Drone photography tips

Know Your Drone

Knowing your drone is crucial in allowing you to maximize its use.

For example, not all drones have a built-in camera.

On the other hand, today, drones are capable of capturing 4k HD videos.

To add to that, you should also know if your model has a safety feature such as an automatic return to home function whenever the signal and or battery is getting low.

Some models are better for certain conditions even though they can be ideal for drone photography.

Knowing all of the features of your model can make a difference. You can take a look at our guide for best drones for photography here.

Have a Complete Checklist

There is nothing worse than traveling to a very distant destination only to realize that you have not packed everything you will need for your drone.

Having a checklist of all the things you have to bring with you will save you from getting into that scenario.

Do Some Drone Exercises

Although drones for photography can be very simple and easy to use, that doesn't mean that you are immediately a master of it.

More than merely flying the model, you also have to control the camera simultaneously.

Know the type of shots you want to achieve and master doing them.

Don't Settle for Cheap Memory Cards.

If you want only the best images, don’t just settle for cheap memory cards.

Having a low-quality memory card can limit you tremendously.

This is because while memory cards are responsible for rendering and saving your photos, not all function or perform the same way.

High-quality memory cards can process images faster, enabling you to not only take more photos but also to capture pictures at a much faster rate.

Check the Forecast

Another critical factor for drone photography is the weather.

You might already be prepared, but none of that will matter if you can’t even do photography with your tool because of bad weather.

Thus, checking the forecast is crucial, and it's the variable that will let you know if it's good to go out to fly your drone or not.

Shoot in Raw Format

If your camera allows you to shoot in raw format, shoot in raw.

There are many benefits with shooting in a raw format such as giving you the versatility when it comes to the post-processing of your images.

Additionally, every detail of the image will be preserved.

This includes the brightness, resolution, and more.

Saving in another format such as JPEG can jeopardize the images because of color banding.

Most quality drones for photography have this option.

If you have a modular drone with a replaceable camera, replace it with one that allows you to shoot in raw format.

Panorama Shots Have Higher Resolution

Panorama shots don't only produce perfect images; they also have high resolution.

Not all drones have a potent camera, especially those at a specific price range.

If you want to produce an image with a high resolution, you can do this by taking a panorama shot.

Some drones already have a feature to capture a panorama shot. With those types of drones, it wouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you have a drone that doesn't have that function, you can still do a panorama shot by taking multiple photos and binding them together with a photo manipulation software.

Make Use of Shadows

With your drone, you'll be surprised just how different the shadows look from way up above.

Shadows can be gigantic, and you can use this to create mesmerizing photos.

You can set the vibe, mood, and tone of your photo by playing with shadows and lights.

Depending on where the sun is at, you can predict just how the shadows can play out in your images.

Patterns, Lines, and Symmetry

Again, the view that your drone can have is remarkable. With it, you can see the different patterns, lines, and symmetry that you usually can't from the ground.

Make use of those shape formations to your advantage to create unique photos.

You’ll be surprised how these types of photos can influence your audience.

It will be something that can surprise people with just how different the locations look compared to how they may see them from the ground.

Final thoughts

These are but a few drone photography tips that you can use to improve your game with drone photography. Moreover, if you are in need of the right drone for photography, take a look at our guide here.

We hope you learned something new from this article and apply it to your hobby or profession.

Please share this with your friends and let us know what you think about these drone photography tips that we have shared with you.

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