Drone backpack, the best options available for phantom and quadcopter

An essential equipment to ensure the safety of your quad/s is a drone backpack. Especially when you want to get serious in the hobby or if you already are, you’ll want all your equipment protected from any potential hazards.

Although you might not want to invest in a quadcopter backpack that is twice or thrice the price of a cheap quad, it’s an asset that can be with you for an extended period.

If you’re still new to the hobby or want to get into the world of drone flying, you’ll soon learn that like drones and its many components, drone backpacks too come in different forms and types.

Some are made for particular quads, and some are universal. Some are, and some are soft-sided.

Regardless, you would want something that is just right for your equipment. However, is it really essential to get a drone backpack?

Do You Need a Drone Backpack?

Phantom 4 backpack

If you want to try drone flying and have no plans on getting serious or purchasing more drones, you don’t. Bags or cases designed for drones can be costly. If you have only the very minimal things to carry, a drone backpack won’t be necessary.

However, if you’re into travel, drone racing, aerial cinematography or stunt flying, a good backpack for a drone or more will prove to be essential. Even with just a few pieces of equipment in your arsenal or even just a drone, a regular bag or backpack will not do the job well.

It’s having the right item designed to carry drones that can give you the convenience and peace of mind that all your equipment will be safe throughout your travel. Some drone bags can enable you to carry multiple drones.

Besides that, the bags can still have enough space to carry all the other associated gears. What makes a drone backpack different than any other regular backpacks? To start, it’s manufactured for the very purpose of transporting drones.

It’s hard to imagine jamming a drone that’s worth around a thousand dollars along with the other equipment in a regular bag. Chances are, some parts or even the drone itself might get ruined before you could even reach the place you’re going to.

Parts getting destroyed might already even happen the moment you lift the bag. Sure, drones can be durable. Still, not storing them in a proper container or bag is beyond being complacent and is irresponsible.

Without compartments, the drones and all the other components and gears can get banged up and get scratched at the very least. Some parts can be deformed, and there’s a chance of other parts getting destroyed.

That’s just the start. Let’s not forget about the weather. Not all drones are waterproof and having something that can’t protect them from water or rain doesn’t help.

If you’re into adventure and crossing a body of water on foot or if you have to swim is an obstacle, you’ll need a waterproof case for your drones and gears.

There’s also the number of components you’ll be bringing along with you. The remote, FPV gears, extra batteries, extra propellers and what have you. It would help if you had something that can fit them all have all the necessary compartments to keep them all safe.

So, do you need a drone backpack? Those who are experienced in drone flying already know the answer. If you want to keep your drones, components, and gears safe, a drone backpack is essential.

It keeps all your equipment protected, makes travel more convenient and is designed merely to hold drones and gears.

What to Look for in a Drone Backpack?

Quadcopter backpack

To look for the best drone backpack for you, you have to consider a few things. Know that a quadcopter backpack can be expensive and you won’t want to regret getting the wrong one for you.

They come in varying forms, shapes, sizes and can also be made of different materials. How would you know the best drone backpack for you? Begin with understanding all the items you specifically want to be placed in the quadcopter backpack.

It’s starting with the end in mind. If you plan on adding up more items or components or even drones, keep that in mind. Purchasing a bag that might eventually not have enough storage won’t be a good deal.

More than that, there are several other factors you need to consider when purchasing a drone backpack:


Price will always be the ultimate determinant when buying anything. Although, if the one you want doesn’t fit your budget, you can save more money until you can then afford it. A good drone backpack doesn’t always come cheap.

However, there are a few products out in the market that is fairly more affordable than the rest. Much like buying a drone though, you get what you pay for when it comes to quadcopter backpacks as well.

Price can affect the quality, and when it comes to protecting your gear, you would want a reliable product. More expensive bags can mean that they are made of better quality materials.

Those that are into flying drones won’t mind investing in a perfect quadcopter backpack. This is because, for the price they pay, the products last a long time. They also do their job excellently.


DJI Phantom backpack

A quadcopter backpack can be made specifically for a specific drone series. For example, some bags are made for Phantoms, or some are made for drones of a certain size. This could also mean that some bags can only fit one and just one drone.

Meanwhile, some quadcopter backpacks are designed to hold more than 2 or even three drones. Some bags have designs which allow easy access, and some don’t. This can be an issue depending on how you plan to travel.

For example, some have side compartments which can easily allow you to take out a drone. Without having to access the entirety of the bag, having this feature can let you do more easily as you go about your travel.

If you’re a photographer and also need to store cameras, some bags are capable of carrying both drones and cameras. More than that, the bags can even also fit a laptop along with the drone and cameras.

A racing drone pilot might also want something more specific since they need to carry many items such as batteries, remotes, drones, goggles, and many other things. Specific quadcopter backpacks are designed to fit their need.

Without further adieu, here are reliable drone backpacks that we recommend. Do note that some here are for certain types of drones only but we’ve made sure to put different kinds of bags on the list to cater to different kinds of users.

1. DJI Phantom Series Multifunctional Backpack

This DJI Phantom backpack looks very exquisite. It’s stylish and doesn’t even look much like a drone backpack. It’s black all around and can fit any aircraft of the Phantom series. This product screams comfort and quality.

It has a hard shell that protects the drone and its many accessories from bumps. It’s very durable and great for travel. Even though already durable and sturdy, it has an additional unusual feature.

A unique feature of the DJI Phantom Series Multifunctional backpack is that its hard plastic shell can be replaced. So if ever it gets damaged, you won’t have to purchase another bag. You have to remove and replace the old one.

It is also waterproof which means you won’t have to worry about rain or your drone getting wet inside of the bag. It’s got all the compartments you will need for any phantom series drone and more.

On both sides, it has pockets. Both pockets from each side are identical and are composed of more pockets. Anything bulky isn’t ideal for the side pockets though as the side pockets are too thin for bulky equipment.

On the top of the bag, it has a handle so you can easily carry it around if you don’t want to use the shoulder straps. The straps can be well-adjusted to fit your measure and body type so it can fit you comfortably.

It also has a waist attachment with a sturdy large clip to keep it in place. If ever you need the bag to stay on your back, there’s no fear of it ever falling off with the waist attachment. At the end of the bag, there’s a zippered pocket that can hold a 15-inch laptop.

It is well-padded, so you also won’t have to worry about keeping your laptop safe with you. This is very convenient if ever you want to have your laptop with you so you can download footage or if you need to do anything with your computer.

On the inside, this DJI Phantom backpack has a meshed pocket at its back portion where you can contain any non-bulky accessories. With the drone compartments, the bag can hold up to three batteries. They are at located at the bottom.

The middle portion is where the drone is stored. It has velcro flaps at the bottom to hold the stand of the drone to keep it in place. There’s also another strap that is locked at the top of the drone to ensure further it stays in place.

At the top part of the bag is the compartment for the remote. It’s padded and also has a velcro lock, so it stays in its compartment.

At the top of the remote compartment is a pouch where you can store your propellers or more other accessories or devices that could fit in it.

There are also more spaces on the sides of the drone where you can place accessories or equipment that could fit. It still is padded but won’t have any straps to keep it in place. You can put anything there that fits that won’t require straps for it to be safe.

Again, this bag is ideal for travel. It’s sturdy, waterproof and all compartments and pockets are well-padded. The bag can be secured to you and is very comfortable to wear — a good Phantom 4 backpack.

2. Realacc Backpack Case 

The Realacc quadcopter backpack is an excellent affordable option as it has much space, useful features and of course, all of those at a reasonable price.

The backpack has many paddings making it not only safe for your drones and accessories, but it’s also comfortable to wear.

At the back, it has a diagonal zipper letting you keep non-bulky items. It has a strap at the top which you can use to hold a drone. It also has one on each side which you can also apply to hold more drones if you want to.

It’s good deep pockets on the side which you can use to store your drink. One side has a garter to help hold the item you place in the pocket, and the other side has strap locks. When opening the back from the back, you’ll immediately notice an excellent mounting accessory for your tools.

For something at the price range of this quadcopter backpack, it’s a significant plus point. There are then three more pockets where you can place accessories, and a 10-inch laptop can also easily fit inside this compartment.

The main compartment of the bag has much space. At its lid, it has two zippered pockets which are well-protected by paddings on it outside. More than having a wide area to place your drones and other stuff into, the bag is also quite deep.

This means that you can store large drones. There are custom divisions that you can use to set up different compartments. They stay in place with velcros so you won’t have to worry about them going everywhere.

Since the bag is deep, you can place remotes vertically. You can store drones, some even with propellers if they fit. Since you’re the master planner of how the compartments will be arranged, the bag is very flexible.

You can choose to store just how much batteries, drones or whatever else you want to inside the bag. Apart from the tool board case, you also get a pouch which is another item you can use to store more belongings or accessories.

It is important to note though that the bag is not waterproof. However, a raincoat is provided inside the drone backpack that you can use to cover it up. It’s not a major downfall to still have to cover the bag with the raincoat.

However, you will no longer be able to strap any quadcopters on the outside of the bag if you do use the raincoat. The bag can be used for travel as it has straps for the waist and chest. However, its material is not as good as those of more expensive drone backpacks.

Overall, it’s truly a well affordable variant. It’s flexible, can store everything you’ll need, well-padded and even has a tool board case. Its material is not top quality but is not too shabby. It’s one of the best drone backpacks in its price range.

3. Lowerpro Quad Guard BPX-3

On the outside, the Quad Guard BPX-3, much like the Phantom Series Multifunctional backpack, looks just like a regular bag. However, it has a lot of striking features that make it an excellent drone backpack.

This is a backpack ideal for racing drone pilots that make use of the 5-inch class racing drones. The Quad Guard BPX-3 isn’t cheap but is definitely worth its price because of its quality and design.

Racing drone pilots make use of a lot of tools, parts, accessories, quads, controllers, antennas and more. Imagine having to travel with all those. It can be very inconvenient plus it’s hard to pack everything in a way that they can all be safe.

A feature that makes the Quad Guard BPX-3 ideal for racing drone pilots is that it’s designed to solve their inconvenience when traveling. The quadcopter backpack is much like a camera bag but optimized for drones.

A unique design of the bag is that it has a rear-entry system. This means that you still have to unequip the bag to open it from its back. An advantage of this is that no one can have access to your items as he or she can’t have a way to access them when the bag is worn.

Another benefit of having the rear-entry system feature is that all your items are also protected from the elements. Since there are no zippers or any other means of how water can go sip through, your drones and all other items are completely safe.

The BPX-3 when opened reveals all of its compartment. Unlike its predecessors, the BPX-3 now has a laptop sleeve which is excellent as the computer can be essential when traveling. A 15-inch laptop can easily fit through the sleeve. 

At the back of the laptop sleeve are elastic tool holders which can hold tools or any other accessory that can fit through it. Long tools that are hard to keep elsewhere can fit in the flexible tool holders without a problem.

Even with propellers, a 5-inch quadcopter can easily be placed on the quadcopter storage platform of the bag. The platform holds the quadcopter and keeps it in place with an elastic strap.

The platform can be removed or installed through its parts with velcro. Below the quadcopter platform are four compartments that can be used to store batteries or any other item that could fit in them.

The dividers are removable as well so you can customize the compartments however way you like them to be. Underneath the compartments is a removable tool bag that has its divider. The divider of the tool bag can also be removed with velcro.

Underneath the quad platform is a remote holder which can store almost all if not all types of remotes. It has a cushion that allows the gimbals to be protected and the divider is removable so larger remotes can fit.

There’s also another compartment just beside the remote holder which can fit a monitor or any other equipment that can fit through it. The bag also has a removable case with elastic bands for you to store small items such as charging cables.

As for comfort, the contoured shoulder straps, sternum strap, and paddings make the bag remain comfortable even though it’s been on you for an extended period. Everything inside is well-protected as the paddings on the back alone are about an inch thick.

It’s got quality zippers and extra stitches where they are needed. Quality can be noticed whenever zipping or unzipping the bag. Outside the bag, there are more straps to hold additional drones, drink bottles or any other items.

It also has a pocket with a hard shell where you can place fragile items such as cell phones, glasses, delicate electronics or propellers. If in case of rain, a raincoat is included in the bag and can protect it even against extreme rain.

It’s an excellent bag made by drone enthusiasts for drone enthusiasts. Every bit of the design has been well thought of and is one of the best drone backpack options in the market.

4. Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak

The Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak is a high-quality DJI Phantom backpack. This means that it can fit any of the Phantom series drones. The backpack design is very simple and straightforward.

Outside the bag is a pocket for a laptop. This makes it very convenient if you only need to use your computer as you can easily remove or place it in the bag without having to access it fully. It can also be used for paperwork or any other items that can fit in it.

Do note though that the laptop sleeve is not padded. The side pocket can be used for either a water bottle or a tripod attachment. It has straps to keep the water bottle or tripod in place so it won’t fall off.

The bag is designed for travel and has a waist belt and sternum buckle. The sternum buckle can be adjusted by being raised higher or lowered. If not needed or wanted, the waist belt can be removed.

The bag has a handle on its top and bottom making it easy to move. However, it doesn’t have any handle on either side. Upon opening the bag, there are pockets at the back of the lid where non-bulky items can be stored.

They can be used for storing propellers or cables. The interior design is pretty straightforward. There’s the compartment for the drone, batteries, remote and you can even also fit camera bodies and lenses.

A waterproof casing is provided which can be used if when it rains. It is compact, comfortable and made of quality materials.

5. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW

The ProTactic 450 AW is very popular both as a camera and drone backpack. The backpack has paddings for the user’s back with a good design allowing airflow. On top is a hard shell

The bag has two zippers for the main compartment. The lid has a few pockets where you can put cables, propellers or any other accessories that can fit in them. They are not expandable, and that has both pros and cons.

The good thing about a non-expanding pocket is that it allows a slim fitting pocket inside the bag. The sad thing is that it can’t expand to fit larger items. However, if the point is to organize items, then the non-expanding pockets should not be a problem.

The pockets are all see through, so you’ll instantly know what you placed in each pockets making it very easy for you to take or place in what you need to. It also has a laptop sleeve which can fit a 15-inch laptop.

A unique feature of this bag is that it has more than one way to access it. It has compartments on its sides which are right spots for a camera and a drone — specifically, a DJI Mavic drone. 

If you’re a photographer, this might be the best drone backpack for you. It’s a right combination of a camera and a quadcopter backpack. There is also another compartment on the top which can also fit a camera, a drone or any other miscellaneous items.

There are also pockets on both sides on the upper part of the bag. They can be used to store your phone, wallet or any small accessories. The backpack also includes a waterproof casing for when it rains.

It’s a good bag that can last for a long time, is compact, can fit multiple cameras including a DJI Mavic drone, can fit a 15-inch laptop and is very comfortable to use. It’s not cheap, but all its features make it worthy of its price tag.

6. MultiStar Premium Multirotor Travel Backpack

Best drone backpack

This bag has increased in popularity becomes of its many features and decent price. On the outside, it has multiple straps you can use to hold quadcopters. The exterior of the bag is just littered with straps and pockets.

The bag has three compartments. The first one is a thin compartment you can use to store propellers, cables, zip ties or any other accessories or items. On the side, there are small pockets that you can use to place your phone, keys, wallets or any small items.

For the main compartment, its lid has a few zippered see-through pockets, and it also has three small opaque pockets. For the main body, it has much space to fit everything you’ll need for FPV drone flying.

It’s protected by a zippered netting to help things stay in place as well. You can fit a few remotes, goggles, drones and more other equipment. The compartments are also customizable, so you can have your way of arranging things inside the bag.

It’s very adaptable and spacious. The third compartment is ideal for a laptop or more other accessories. It has paddings to protect the items within it and also for added comfort. It has good airflow when you wear it and has optional waist buckles that you can use or keep.

Overall, the bag has decent size and is comfortable to wear. It has a reasonable price but has many features. If you want a excellent drone backpack for racing, this can be an ideal candidate for you.

7. Peak Design Everyday Backpack  20L

This bag isn’t just a good drone backpack but is also a good camera bag. It has a unique design which sets it apart from the rest. With this bag, you can easily have access to the items inside through the sides of the bag.

The design of the bag makes it look like an ordinary stylish backpack. It seems very simple, understandable and doesn’t look like it has many features. However, it does, and the way you gain access to them is exciting and unique.

On its sides, it has pockets which are great for storing drink bottles. If you unzip the side pockets, you’ll immediately gain access to the main compartment of the bag. The side pockets have their stretchable pouches where you can store batteries or any small gear.

This is an excellent equipment for a photographer that needs to have instant access to his or her cameras. The main compartment area can be customized as the dividers can be removed or placed with velcro.

Not only that, but each divider can be individually customized so even large or long lenses can fit inside the bag. A single divider can be formed to create as much as three compartments. That is something only this bag has compared to the others in the list.

At the top, it also has a small pouch where you can store little things that are ideal for quick access since it only has magnets to keep it closed. An imposing feature of this bag is that it’s waterproof.

There is no longer any need to cover it up with a raincoat as it makes use of watertight zippers and other waterproof materials. More than being watertight, the zippers also have a seemingly anti-theft feature.

There’s something you can hook the zipper too so no one can quickly open up your bag and steal something. There are no locks. This feature makes it harder for the zipper to be undone by someone while you’re wearing the camera or quadcopter bag.

More about the bag is that it on the outside, it might seem like there aren’t many straps. The bag is very plain and simple. However, the bag has many straps. It’s just that they are hidden.

This is a useful feature that the designers thought of so you can hide the straps when you don’t need them and take them out when you do. At the bottom of the back, you can pull out two webbing straps that attach to the top of the bag.

The pouch for the straps is tight enough so they won’t fall off and it’s also secured by magnets to ensure that they don’t fall out. With the straps, you can put more drones or gears on the outside of the bag.

There are also straps that can be pulled out from the side pockets and can be attached to the top of the bag. The straps aren’t just limited to being hidden but are removable as well. More than that, the bag also has a hidden waist buckle which can be accessed from the sides.

The bag also has a sternum strap clipped to one side that you can undo to attach it to the other side. The height of the sternum strap can be adjusted. There are four preset heights that you can use so it can best fit your body type.

This can be the best drone backpack to people that want a simplistic design but packs many features. Its expansion capabilities are magnificent and is just very adaptable and customizable. Also, it’s more than just a quadcopter backpack but is also a good camera bag.

8. Manfrotto Drone Backpack

The Manfrotto is another Phantom 4 backpack that is outstanding. It’s no wonder that there are a lot of DJI Phantom backpacks because the Phantom is a very popular drone and is just one of the best.

This DJI Phantom backpack is quite pricey but all for the right reason. At first glance, this Phantom 4 backpack is decked with a lot of straps, pockets, and double-stitching. It is very well-made and is manufactured specifically for the Phantom series.

This DJI Phantom backpack also comes with a rain cover kept in a pouch. The Manfrotto is well-padded, very comfortable to wear and is very adaptable.

It has a lot of pockets and items can be easily accessible with its design. First off, the bottom compartment is where the drone can be placed.

There’s a strap at the bottom that will hold the drone in place regardless if the motors are facing up or down. You can either strap the body or the stand of the drone depending on how you’ll place it.

The remote of the drone can then be placed at the compartment just above the quadcopter. There are pockets at the side of the drone compartment, and they can be used to store extra batteries.

Beneath the bag are pockets where you can place chargers, and they can be locked into place with the elastics. Propellers then can be set just beside the Phantom. All of those can fit comfortably at the bottom compartment of the bag.

The zippered side pockets can let you have access to the compartment that has the drone. With the side pockets, you can immediately have access to where you placed the batteries or any other items that you have put in it.

This is a beautiful feature as you don’t necessarily have to open up a considerable portion of the bag to get replacement batteries, propellers or any other items you’ve placed at or near the side pockets.

Another is that this bag isn’t just a good Phantom 4 backpack, it can also carry cameras. Its top compartment can store a camera that even has a vast lens installed to it. The top compartment has a small pocket as well.

You can place a GoPro camera, your phone, wallet or any small items in it. Even with a camera and a huge lens, it still has enough space to fit more things. A hard drive with a hard case can still fit in the compartment comfortably along a camera.

More than all those, this quadcopter backpack also has a laptop sleeve which can quickly secure a 15-inch laptop. There are also more pockets above each bottom side pockets. You can keep sd card holders there, your wallet, passport or what have you in those small pockets.

If those are still not enough, there are two more pockets at the bottom front part of the bag that you can fill. This Phantom 4 backpack is great to use when traveling. If you don’t need cameras or if you still have much space, you can use those to store your extra clothes.

Also, more than the shoulder straps and waist buckles, this DJI Phantom backpack also has a strap for you to secure it to a wheelie bag. With the bag having much space, it can be more than just a camera or a phantom four backpack.

You can store a DJI Mavic Pro or any other drones that you can fit into the bag. If not equipment, you can use the free compartments for food or clothing. It’s resilient, spacious and has a great design.


Having a drone backpack is necessary especially if you’re a photographer or a racing drone pilot. There’s much expensive equipment to keep, and you will need a reliable bag to have them all with you as you travel.

Some drone backpacks are manufactured for specific or certain types of drones. Still, though designed for a certain kind of drone, some can still have enough space to fit another drone or even more or a camera.

Be mindful with how you choose your drone backpack. We hope this guide has helped you and we hope you also found the information you’re looking for in this article. Lastly, we hope we helped you in knowing the best drone backpack for you.






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