Full UAV RTF in-depth drone review: Dromida Ominus

We enjoy using a lot of different drones. From the big and bulky ones to the thin and tiny units, from the simple to the feature-packed drones, we love to fly with them all.

However, if we are asked to choose one drone to fly for the rest of your life, we would recommend the Dromida Ominus to be a top contender for the spot. Moreover, we will give you all the reasons why we love this vicious UAV.

It has a lot of good going for it, despite its shortcomings. Some of its high points are its very fun to fly, extremely durable, and offers an impressive flight time. This isn’t something you often see in RC drones priced this affordable.

For this Dromida Ominus review, we will discuss all those, plus more. We will start from what comes in the box upon purchase, the unit’s design, specs and performance, and everything in between.

Brief Background

Before we look at the unit, let us first get to know the company behind the drone. First known for its line of remote controlled cars, Dromida has widened its scope to cover the air as well. The Champaign, Illinois-based company has a range of remote-controlled planes and a wide array of drones, including the Ominus.

The Ominus drone, on the other hand, comes in two variants.

There is the Ready to Fly (RTF) version that we are going to discuss, and there is the First Person View (FPV) version that has a  FPV camera. 

Apart from the camera and the difference in price, there are very few differences between the two variants.

What Comes in the Box?

Now we start talking about the good stuff: what comes in the package. When you purchase the Ominus and bring it home for the first time, what should you expect to find inside the box? Here’s a list of what you’ll get:

Fully Assembled Quadcopter

-As a Ready to Fly quadcopter, the unit does come fully assembled, with minimal preparation needed to start flying.


-The included transmitter has an ergonomic, modern video game controller design. Great on the hands, it also has all the buttons you need to fly and perform tricks.

Four AAA Batteries

-A welcome addition that most drone packages do not include. It proves the “Ready to Fly” in the unit’s name.

Phillips Screwdriver

-For any replacements or adjustments needed to be done on the unit, the included screwdriver will help you do those.

Spare Propellers

-As the unit itself has no propeller guards, having spare propellers handy is a nice addition. This makes sure you have replacements ready in case of damaged or warped propellers.

USB Charger

-Letting you charge the unit anywhere, the USB charger works like most USB connections. You can use it with a power bank, a phone charger, car chargers, and even on your computer.

Detailed User’s Manual

-Everything you need to know before flying your drone is in the user manual. It also gives you simple instructions on how to use it, as well as a checklist of what the package must include.

We appreciate the fact that it comes with AAA batteries. After all, most models don’t come with this. Accounting for everything included on the package, it is indeed “Ready to Fly” right out of the box.

Design and Aesthetics

dromida ominus

Looking at the Ominus drone’s design, it does its job of setting itself apart from the competition. Sporting a predator-like look, it exudes a tougher and edgier persona than others. The design choice also earned the unit the moniker “Flying Frog,” as it looks like a frog while flying.

The drone itself is available in four colors- red, blue, green, and yellow. The color you choose will not affect the drone’s performance, as this is purely aesthetic in nature.

Additionally, you can customize your Dromida Ominus by changing the other parts of the drone’s frame with appropriate colors.  Available for purchase as accessories, these parts can give more character to your drone.

One thing we should mention is the drone’s rubber feet. Rubber feet are handy when landing your unit. They make it so that the body of your drone doesn’t come in contact with the ground (plus they help absorb the impact of landing).

Also, the drone’s LED lights are handy for when you’re going to fly at night. If you’re like most people, you probably get home around dark, so this may be your only time to fly. By having those LED lights on there, it will allow you to track your drone when there’s no sun out easily.


Here is a glance at the unit’s specs:

-Dimensions: 375 x 246 x 99 mm

-Diagonal motor distance: 238 mm

-Motor:  brushed

-Weight: 101g

-Battery: 3.7v 700 mAh LiPo

-Flight Time: 12-15 minutes

-Charging time: 50 minutes

-Operation Area: 100 meters

Flying the Dromida Ominus

Not only does this drone look like a predator, but it also flies like one. It’s fast, agile, and responds to the transmitter in an instant, meaning there’s no “lag” or delay when flying. Note that we are reviewing the ready-to-fly drone straight out the box.

Once in the air, prepare to experience a smooth and effortless flight. Although on the smaller side, the drone’s motors do an impressively good job at fighting the wind. However, it doesn’t stand a chance against stronger gusts.

Doing flips and other tricks are also comfortable with the drone. The transmitter, which we will discuss in a bit, has one-touch buttons to perform flips. With enough practice, you will be flying like the pros with your mean machine.

For the average enthusiast looking to have a good time, this the perfect drone to do it with. It’s durable, flies fast, and offers a quick learning curve.


ominus drone

The Ominus drone’s controller has a simple, yet effective design. It has an antenna on the top, transmitting a 2.4 GHz radio frequency that can reach up to 100 meters — a good range for flying, especially when playing outdoors.

 For its design, it resembles a typical controller from a PS4 or an Xbox One. Its handles are comfortable on the hands, an essential feature for those who will use this drone for a long time.

Springs on the control sticks are tight yet smooth. Buttons are well placed, with a button for flips, as well as a switch for different flight modes.  Going to the topic of flight modes, the Dromida Ominus has four different flight modes, ranging from beginner to expert.

Beginner mode allows those still learning how to fly to master the controls by limiting the speed of the unit. As the flight mode goes up, the speed is raised, giving a better flying experience.

Flight Time and Battery life

In this part of the review, we’re going to talk about the main topic of conversion among flyers: the unit’s flight time. In this regard, we are happy to share that this RC quadcopter can stay in the air for approximately 12 minutes.

Moreover, when we say 12 minutes, we do mean 12 minutes. Granted, you may get lower run than this amount if you’re an aggressive flyer or if there’s a lot of wind outside. However, in normal conditions and with the average flyer, 12 minutes is about what you’ll get. 

This comes as no surprise, considering a considerable 700mAh battery powers the Ominus drone’s motors. Not only that, the battery charges up at a fast pace, going from 0% to 100% in a span of 50 minutes. This is way less than the charging time for the Syma X8C, which is more than 2 hours.

Since you can access the battery, order extra ones with your purchase. That way, when your battery dies, you can replace it with a fresh one and immediately get back into the air. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that the fun never stops.

When the time comes to charge your quadcopter, you can do it with the USB cable that comes in the box. This means you can charge from almost anywhere: power banks, car chargers, and even on your laptop.

Although debatable, we would argue that you’ll get the most value for your dollar with this quadcopter compared to other similarly priced drones.


dromida ominus

We wanted to take a minute in this review to talk about the drone’s sustainability. After all, this is one of its main selling points. It’s marketed as “nearly impossible to break,” which is entirely accurate.

Despite looking and feeling flimsy, don’t let its looks deceive you. You can crash it into the pavement, rocks, trees, grass, cars, and even houses and it will keep asking for more. It is also strong enough to withstand dog bites and running over by bikes and still is ready for the next fight.

If the Ominus drone frame does break, do not fret. There are spare parts available for purchase online, and they are inexpensive and easy to install. Also, as mentioned earlier, you can choose spare parts to compliment the aesthetics of the unit as you see fit.

Potential Drawback – There is no camera

While this quadcopter offers a ton of benefits, it’s certainly not a perfect unit. Specifically, it doesn’t come with a camera. Now for some people, that could be a deal breaker. However, for others, that is a non-issue.

If you’re someone who wants aerial footage in their flying experience, this might not be the model for you. You’re probably better off with other camera drones like the X5C or UDI U818A, which we will have separate reviews for you to look at.

With that said, there is a Dromida Ominus FPV model that DOES come with a camera. We highly recommend checking that out as well. It will have a higher price point than the Onimus RTF, but it’s also way more fun.

Dromida Ominus Pros and Cons

In this section of the Dromida Ominus review, we will summarize what we love, and what we don’t like, about the drone.


  • Ready to Fly out of the box. Everything you need to fly is in the package.
  • Comes with batteries for the transmitter, a rare, yet welcomed addition for drones.
  • 100-meter transmitter range that lets you fly farther and faster.
  • Flies up to 12 minutes per charge, more than most drones its size.
  • Battery charges in less than an hour, faster than most 700 mAh batteries.
  • USB charger to charge almost anywhere.
  • Ergonomic and responsive transmitter.
  • One touch flip function.
  • Sturdy and durable frame takes much damage.
  • Affordable spare parts


  • Lack of a camera, a potential deal breaker for some.
  • Despite the frame being durable, there are no propeller guards to protect the propellers from damage.
  • USB charger does not come with an AC adapter.
dromida ominous review

From what we can see, the pros of the Ominus severely outweigh the cons. The only major drawback of the drone, at least for our point of view, is the lack of a camera.

However, if your main reason for getting a drone is to fly and have fun, then the Ominus drone should meet and exceed those expectations.

Dromida Ominus Review – The bottom line 

Hopefully, this Dromida Ominus review has helped show you all the beginner-friendly features it has to offer. To summarize, it provides 12 minutes of flight time, a super-durable body, fast flight, and a sleek design that separates it from the crowd.

Whether it’s your first flight, or whether you’ve been flying for many years, you can’t go wrong with this quadcopter. It offers a lot for any drone flyer and guarantees you will enjoy playing with this unit for a long time.

While this particular model doesn’t come with a camera, the FPV model does. So if you want to capture aerial footage while maintaining the durability that the Ominus is known for, be sure to check that out. Good luck and fly safely.






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