Review of the best mid priced drone: Cheerson CX-20

Are you looking for RC drones that offer a professional flying experience at a reasonable price tag? If yes, then look no further because the Cheerson CX-20 can be a great option.

This best mid priced drone is ideal for those who are new to flying quadcopters. The CX20 drone will offer you with features such as decent flight time, autonomous flight, and much more.

Either way, if you’re interested to know more about this quadcopter then keep on reading. In this Cheerson CX-20 review, we will show you the things that you need to know about this drone such as what comes inside the box, how to assemble it, its impressive features, and much more.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what Cheerson CX-20 has to offer. Let’s start this review by knowing what comes inside the box.

Flight Time

15 Minutes


No Camera, but mountable


2 Hours

What’s Inside the Box?

-Each CX20 drone comes with:

-Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter

-Camera Mount

-Landing Gear



-Four extra props

-User manual

-2700mAh Li-Po battery

Apart from the items mentioned above, this drone also comes with tools that you can utilize in assembling it.

We like the fact that this item comes spare propellers. That way, if you accidentally break your propellers, you will be able to replace them immediately and continue flying.

This quad, on the other hand, does NOT come equipped with a camera. Moreover, we think that is one of the most significant disadvantages of this said. However, the good thing is that it features camera support or mount. Meaning to say, you can install your camera, a GoPro for instance.

CX20 Drone by Cheerson: A Brief Overview

cx20 drone

This Cheerson CX-20 isn’t an absolute quad for beginner flyers. That said, we highly recommend this device for those who are already familiar with the controls and looking forward to a higher level of flying experience.

This quad, on the other hand, uses a brushless motor which provides durability as well as better performance even in dangerous flying conditions. Apart from that, it is GPS-enabled and built beautifully.

However, this best mid priced drone has impressive features and performance which you would anticipate in a quadcopter in its category as well as similar price range.

If you are wondering if there’s a Cheerson CX-20 gimbal, well honestly it doesn’t have.

Rather than a gyroscope stabilizer, this device utilizes a camera mount as what we mentioned a while ago that might not offer you the levels of movement and stabilization that you need but allows you to capture aerial footages.

Overview of The Drone’s Specifications

Flight time. This quad has a decent flight time of about 15 minutes.

Flying Altitude. CX-20 may hit up to 300 meters flying altitude.

Control Range. This quad has a range of 300m which is impressive enough for its price range and class

Charging time. The battery takes two hours to charge which is relatively long,

Drone Functions. This drone provides lots of functions such as

-Up & Down

-GPS hold System

-Fixed Position Fly/Hover

-Side Flying

-Automatic Return

-Return to home

Battery Weight. 180 grams

Dimensions: 22.3” by 14.8” by 5.4”

Cheerson CX-20 Review: General Features 

best mid priced drone

Listed below, are the general features of CX-20 that you will need to know.

Flight & Handling

If you have never flown a quad before, you may find that the controls are a bit confusing.

In general, the CX-20 flies and handles well. Because of being slightly bigger compared to average beginner models, this drone does a good job when it comes to remaining steady in the air.

Both landing and taking off will never be an issue. On the other hand, the controls are very responsive and helpful while flying.  Regarding stabilization, we will give this model a B- rare.

The Cheerson CX-20 flies in place better compared to the Syma X5C. However, it is not as great as other quads such as DJI Phantom 3 as well as 3DR Iris+.

Flight Time 

The flight time of this best mid priced drone is highly respectable. It has a flight time of 15 minutes which is beyond average for most quads. Generally, most drones for beginner flyers can only offer a flight time of six to seven minutes.

The flight time, on the other hand, may differ depending on the weight that you will on the multirotor. For instance, if you mount a camera the flying time might be reduced depending on the weight of your camera.

Just about, the majority of users or flyers experienced an average flight time of 13 minutes without a camera and eight to 11 minutes when there’s a camera installed. Likewise, flying in the wind or aggressive flying will reduce the flight time.

Nevertheless, if you want to fly a bit longer, you may want to purchase an extra battery. Though the battery is a bit expensive, it is still worth considering.

Build & Durability

In this section, we are going to discuss the quad’s build quality and durability. Features like range, battery, charging time, and flight time are essential and must be kept in mind when making a purchase. Similarly, the build quality and durability much be kept in mind as well.

The CX-20 is a compact, portable, and lightweight quad. On the other hand, the landing gear of this device is relatively big providing plenty of protection during landing.

In addition to that, the body of this model is made ABS plastic. While the material is not indestructible, one thing is for sure it can provide a reasonable degree of sturdiness.

Flight Speed

cheerson cx 20 review

Are you wondering how fast this quad fly? Well, at its maximum, this best mid priced drone can fly around 10m/s. Also, it may go up a rate of about 6m/s maximum.

In addition to that, it provides a perfect combination of stabilization and speed that is proven most especially for beginner flyers who are currently studying the controls. Even professional flyers will like the stability and flight speed of CX-20.

Return-to-Home Function: Best Feature

So far, it is our favorite feature of this quad. Nevertheless, the majority of beginner flyers want to have a quad that has a return-to-home function as is proven helpful in case their drones get lost.

Even so, the return-to-home feature of this quad will never disappoint you. This device has been constructed to go back to its starting and original place whenever you press the return-to-home button that is found on the controller. 

This feature doesn’t only get the quad back, but it also minimizes crashes especially when the flyer loses sight of the quad.

On the other hand, if you’re not good when it comes to landing the quad, no worries because this drone can help you a lot. Nevertheless, even more, experienced flyers like the drone’s return-to-home functionality. 


This quadcopter comes with a relatively big yet very comfortable to hold transmitter which is specifically designed to let you control the drone easily. However, it doesn’t come with an LCD screen as well as any mount selections.

In front of the transmitter, there are two switches accompanied by an antenna, two aux adjusters, and one pair of trims. On the other hand, the light indicators, battery compartment, and the antenna are found in the drone’s rear part. Also, the buzzer mesh is positioned here.

Apart from that, the Cheerson CX-20 sports a good appearance and feel which allows you to have a fun flying experience. The throttle, as well as the aileron sticks, are designed professionally to maneuver the quad as comfortable as smooth as possible.

Moreover, flyers may control the features of the transmitters using the SWB and SWA combination as well as throttle balancing. Nevertheless, the highlights include GPS and Orientation Control Hold, Return-to-Home, and Altitude Hold.


As what have mentioned earlier, this drone can go as far as 300 meters which is very impressive for its price range and category. However, this may fluctuate depending on your flying environment.

Super Bright LED Lights

cheerson cx-20

Without a doubt, this feature will make your flying experience at night and in dark areas more enjoyable and fun.

Either way, each arm of this drone has super bright LED lights which serve as a signal of the direction your quad is headed to.

The Cheerson CX-20 comes equipped with four great LED lights so that you will not lose view of it regardless of the time of the day.

Such lights, on the other hand, will tell you the exact direction your device is directing letting you obtain posture on the front part of the quad. Also, this will allow you maneuver your drone with ease.

Camera Compatibility

To make things clear, there is no Cheerson CX-20 gimbal as well as a gyroscope stabilizer. With that said, this model is not ideal for filming clear aerial photos and videos.

However, if you have enough money to buy a camera separately, you will be able to capture aerial videos and photos with this quad, thanks to its camera support.

Meaning to say, with this impressive feature you will be able to install different types of cameras on it.

Aforementioned, you can mount a GoPro and then utilize it to take photos as well as videos which are somewhat clear and decent depending on the condition.

Since there is no Cheerson CX-20 gimbal, if you do flicks and turn on your quad all of a sudden, there is a higher possibility that it will be replicated in the footages.

Either way, there are plenty of GoPro cameras that compatible with the CX20 drone. That said, there are lots of options where you can choose from. However, the camera is not included in the box, and you need to buy it separately.

Low Voltage Protection

This quadcopter features low voltage protection that protects your device from crashing especially when it runs out of charge. Either way, the security has two primary elements.

The first one is delivered by the MX autopilot feature. This prevents the quadcopter from crashing and from other possibly risky flying actions which may take place when the quad run down its battery voltage.

While the second is more proactive wherein the drone’s MX autopilot function triggers the device to automatically land on the surface through the available battery to prevent crashes.

Ready-to-Fly or RTF

cx20 drone

Though it is a ready-to-fly quadcopter, it still requires a little assembly for the landing gears as well as the propellers. All you have to do is charge the batteries and connect the propellers.

Nevertheless, we will show you how to assemble this drone below so you will not have a hard time doing it on your own.


This Cheerson CX-20 review will not be completed without discussing the balance. This quadcopter provides exceptionally responsive as well as stable performance.

This easy to fly, owing to its different design elements which the device is equipped like its remote controller & receiver, incorporated dynamic flight system, Auto-pilot and GPS multi-rotor functionality, and MX functionality.

Before they deliver it to you, the product’s manufacturer set up the flight functions and flight parameters. Therefore, as soon as the drone is given to you, all you have to do is place the battery, and you are ready to go.

On the other hand, its MX auto-pilot functionality is exceptionally stable. As a result, you will be able to accomplish a decent flight performance quickly.


This quad uses a 3S Li-Po battery (2700mAH) that has a charging time of hours which is relatively long. It is considered one of its most significant disadvantages.

However, regardless of that fact, this best mid priced drone can offer a decent flight time. In addition to that, weighing only 180 grams, the battery is pretty light.

On the other hand, the Li-Po battery of the Cheerson CX-20 is built solidly. With that said, you are sure that it will last longer. However, with this aptitude, the battery may serve you well if you several of them as well as a multiple port charger that you can work with.

Flight Control Modes

cheerson cx-20 gimbal

The CX-20 drones have 2 flight control modes. Apart from that, it has a flight’s position hold mode.

As what we have mentioned earlier, this quadcopter comes equipped with an MX automatic-pilot which makes flying much simpler.

The GPS module, on the other hand, needs some mastering as well provides a GPS Altitude and Attitude Control Mode.

However, switching between these two modes is very easy even if you’re flying the quadcopter. Either way, such modes will allow you to obtain your desired flying performance. 


When it comes to the drone’s design, the CX20 drone doesn’t only look beautiful but highly integrated as well. Thus, if you want to fly a drone on your upcoming trips or outings, you may want to invest in this model.

However, this quad is also attractive to look at, thanks to its efficient design which captures the magnificence of industrial design and great visual effects.

If you’re planning to fly the Cheerson CX-20 in the park you and of course, your device will surely attract people’s attention with ease.

The design lets you pack GoPros and handy camera which you can utilize in shooting videos and capturing photographs during your flight.

Nevertheless, if you’re a frequent traveler and currently looking for a quadcopter that can be bought at a cheap price tag, then the Cheerson CX-20 is something worth getting. 

Intelligent Orientation Control or IOC

This quadcopter is constructed with an IOC system; thus if it goes into random spins and you’re not able to control it consciously, you are sure that you will be able to push your drone in the right direction where you push the controls. On the other hand, this feature part of the MX auto-pilot system’s functions.

However, the node direction is mostly the same to the forward way of the flying quadcopter. With the aid of IOC, you will be able to accomplish the forward direction notwithstanding the direction that the quad’s nose is pointing, 

Regarding the home lock flying style, quad’s forward direction will be the same to the quad’s home point bearing.

Failsafe Technology

Another defensive technology that can be found on the Cheerson CX-20 is the failsafe feature of the GPS which is given by the MX auto-pilot system.

Just in case there is a communication error between the transmitter and the drone’s MX auto-pilot, the command stick will move to the center position automatically.

With that, the system will enable the return-to-home function, unless it has a decent GPS signal that will bring the quadcopter to its starting and original location.

Fundamentally, if you lose communication with your device and you’re no longer capable of exerting some controls, it should return home automatically and more importantly land safely, preventing possible collisions as well as crashes.

Fixed Position Fly

Another smart feature that every flyer will surely like. By simply flicking the switch, your quad will fly in a certain altitude and position.

This feature, on the other hand, will let you capture clear aerial photos. Aside from that, it also makes recording videos much more manageable.

However, when your quad is set in a fixed position fly, and the battery is depleting, the Cheerson CX-20 will automatically land so that you can change the battery or recharge.

Flight Characteristics

The good thing about the Cheerson CX-20 is that it can be flown outside during windy conditions. However, it operates better when the weather is calm.

However, when you take off for the very first time, this quadcopter feel a bit heavy. However, when you familiarize the controls trust, you will be able to take off like a pro.

To be acquainted with the drone’s behavior as well as responses, we are advising you to perform some low-level airlifts before heading to higher levels.

Aforementioned, the flight is quite stable. You can smoothly move sideways, forward, and even backward. In addition to that, you will be able to perform several types of movements or hover it in different orientations.

Nevertheless, if you’re a speedster, sad to say this quadcopter is not ideal for though we find its flight speed quite enough for the majority of flyers at such levels.

On the other hand, it also does a great job when it comes to taking aerial footage. With fixed positioning as well as a bit dampening stable flying, you will be able to capture great footages with this drone.


  • Great Range
  • Generous flight time
  • Fast acceleration
  • Ready to Fly
  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to use and fly
  • Great value for the price
  • Great speed
  • Camera support
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • The landing gear is pretty big
  • Sports an attractive design
  • It has a low voltage protection
  • Altitude hold
  • GPS-enabled
  • Return-to-home function
  • It comes with super bright LEDs
  • Its transmitter has a comfortable feel


  • Extremely long charging time
  • The Cheerson CX-20 doesn’t feature a camera
  • The batteries for the transmitter are not included 
  • There is no Cheerson CX-20 gimbal
  • The transmitter doesn’t feature an LCD screen
  • Limited speed
  • The user manual isn’t easy to understand

How to Assemble This Drone?

best mid priced drone

As what we mentioned a while ago, the Cheerson CX-20 comes with a user manual. However, unfortunately it’s not simple to understand, plus it’s mostly unhelpful.

For practical applications on how to assemble and fly this quad, there are lots of great and helpful YouTube videos out there that you can watch.

Take time to recharge your drone’s battery and if you have an extra make sure to charge it as well.

Aforementioned, the battery takes two hours on average to fully charge. Thus you will have to wait a little longer before flying.

If you are a beginner, you may need more time to assemble the parts and get your device ready to fly.

Either way, here’s how to assemble the Cheerson CX-20. First, take away the caps on the props using your hand. 

After which, take out the caps that are black in color on the motors. Then equip the accessories on the drone’s engine.

No worries, because removing the caps on the props is relatively easy. As what we have said you can use your hands. However, the caps on the motor is a bit difficult you will need to use a small wrench to remove them.

The caps, on the other hand, must be taken tums in the direction which is specified in the multi-rotor.

After removing the caps, start mounting the quad’s aircraft support or landing gear. Then equip the props on the motors. When it comes to the propellers’ direction, it should be accorded according to the marks presented on the multi-rotor.

Just observe as well as follow the given instructions so that you will be able to equip the props properly.

Make sure not to tighten the caps too hard. Lastly, place the batteries on the transmitter, and you’re now all set to have a fun drone flying experience.


Generally, the Cheerson CX-20 offers you almost all the features most especially if you are searching for a full-sized quadcopter that has a decent average flight time and range.

However, you can utilize it for a high-performance drone flying. Plus, you can mount a camera on it if you’re planning to take some aerial footages with good quality.

As stated in the pros section above, this is an excellent value for the money than other models in its category.

One of the best things about this is that it is accessible at a very affordable price tag. Several quads that has similar features cost much more than this drone from Cheerson.

When it comes to the performance, it’s entertaining to fly. 

However, it requires beginner that has experience in operating a brushed quad. 

Moreover, this quad has some features and controls that need at least a bit of flying experience.

While it is highly versatile and powerful, it’s not indestructible. However, without a stable hand, you’ll crash it more rapidly.

On the other hand, we also love the several protections that the manufacturer included in this device such as failsafe technology, return-to-home function, and low voltage protection.

By ensuring adequate protections for the drone, such features will promise durability as well.

Whether you are an advanced, intermediate, or beginner flyer, this model from Cheerson can be a great option.

You can configure and tweak it with ease to suit your flying needs utilizing incorporating some add-ons to make a smooth flying experience and prolong the functionality.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this Cheerson CX-20 review has helped you a lot in determining the impressive and unique features of this best mid-priced drone.

When it comes to the price, design, as well as features the Cheerson CX-20 is not a bad quad, and it is worth investing for. However, still, the final decision is up to you.

If you have questions regarding this Cheerson CX-20 review, feel free to use the comment section below. Thanks for reading. Good luck & fly safely.

Flight Time

15 Minutes


No Camera, but mountable


2 Hours






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