Cheerson CX-20 Review – The Best Mid-Priced Drone?

Are you looking for an RC drone that offers a professional flying experience without the hefty price tag? Then look no further than the Cheerson CX-20. This model is great for people who are new to flying drones.

Priced affordably, it will provide you with features like autonomous flight, great flight time, and much more.

In this Cheerson CX-20 review, we’ll show you what comes in the box, how it flies, and help you determine whether it’s suited for your budget and flying style.

Flight Time

13 Minutes


300 Meters



What Comes in the Box?

Cheerson CX-20 Review

We’ll start by talking about what comes in the box. Each CX-20 comes with the following:

  • Transmitter
  • Battery
  • Landing Gear
  • 4 Extra Propellers
  • Camera Mount

I really like the fact that the drone comes with extra props. That way, if yours break, you can quickly replace them and get back into the air. This drone does not come with a camera.

I think that’s one of its biggest drawbacks. With that said, it does come with a camera support that will allow you to mount your own camera, like a GoPro for example.

Important Note

The Cheerson CX-20 comes with a camera MOUNT not a GIMBAL. There’s a difference.

Whereas a gimbal allows you to move the camera and change shooting angles, a mount does not. I wanted to make that clear before moving forward in this Cheerson CX-20 review.

Flight and Handling

If you’ve never flown a quadcopter before, you might find the controls a little confusing (click here to learn how to fly a drone).

Overall, the CX-20 handles and flies well. Due to being slightly larger than the average beginner model, it does a decent job at remaining stable in the wind.

Taking off and landing won’t be a problem, and while in the air, the controls are nice and responsive. I give the drone a B- as far as stabilization is concerned.

It hovers in place better than the Syma X5C but not as good as models like the DJI Phantom 3 or 3DR Iris+, and understandably so considering the dramatic price differences. Here’s a video of the CX-20 in action:

Cheerson CX-20 Flight Time

The flight time is respectable for a mid-priced drone. On average, expect a flight time of about 13 minutes.

If you’re flying without wind and not flying aggressively, then you may be able to squeeze out an additional minute-and-a-half. Likewise, aggressive flying or flying in the wind will decrease your flight time by a few minutes.

But 13 minutes is a good average to rely on. I also want to mention in this review that this RC drone gets a range of about 300 meters. That’s coming straight from the manufacturer.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I heard this, that is, until I took it for a test flight: the claims, for the most part, are true.

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If you’re flying in an open space (like a park or football field) then yes- you can fly up to 300 meters away and still get a signal.

But if you lose sight of your drone, like in a residential neighborhood for example, then the signal may drop way before this distance.

Build and Durability

Next in this review we’re going to talk about the drone’s durability and build quality. In short, this model can take a beating. On my first day flying, I made the mistake of crashing into the street.

The drone ended up flying perfectly after this (the only thing I replaced was 2 cracked propellers).

I think this says a lot about the drone’s durability. From an aesthetic standpoint, the drone resembles the DJI Phantom.

The drone’s body is composed of ABS plastic, so don’t expect it to be invincible. But at the same time, it won’t break after one crash either.

Best Feature – Return-to-Home

Traditionally, navigation features have only been available on RC drone models that cost quite a bit of money (like the DJI Inspire for example). But today, cheaper models are also coming with navigational features.

Albeit, they aren’t as sophisticated as the more expensive models, but they’re still pretty good. The Cheerson CX-20 comes with a special “Return-to-Home” feature.

Basically, at the push of a button, the drone will return to its original starting point. This feature really comes in handy when you’ve lost sight of your drone.

Flight Speed

How quickly does this model fly? At its max, the CX-20 can fly about 10m/s. It can also ascend at a rate of about 6m/s max.

It offers the perfect mix of speed and stabilization, which is useful for beginner flyers who are still learning the controls. Even experienced flyers will appreciate the flight speed and stability of this model.

Overview of Features

Let’s wrap up this Cheerson CX-20 review by showing you an overview of its features:

  • 300 Meter Range: A range of 300 meters is very impressive for a mid-priced drone. As a comparison, drones like the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ get ranges of about 700 meters. With such a long range, you’ll be able to push your drone to its limits and ultimately have much more fun flying.
  • 13 Minute Flight Time: As we mentioned earlier, this quadcopter gets a flight time of about 13 minutes, but it’s definitely possible to get that time up to 15 minutes. The only downside is that the battery takes about 2 hours to charge. But drawback is easily overcome by purchasing extra batteries.
  • Fast Flight: With a max flight speed of about 22 MPH, you’ll get from point A to point B very quickly. To give you some perspective on how fast this is, the more expensive Parrot Bebop can fly at about 31 MPH max. This should be more than enough speed to do what you have to do in the air.
  • Return-to-Home: This is by far my favorite feature of the Cheerson CX-20. If you’re ever in trouble and need to land quickly, press the return-to-home button on your transmitter. Upon doing this, your quadcopter will return to its original starting location without you having to do anything.

Finally, the drone comes with 4 super-bright LED lights that will make night flying a lot of fun.

These are particularly useful for helping you determine the orientation of the drone. Without them, it would make flying in the dark way more challenging.

Cheerson CX-20 Review – Bottom Line

With a flight time of about 13 minutes, a max flight speed of 22 MPH, and a mount for a camera, this could easily be one of the best mid-priced drones out there. It’s great for beginner and experienced flyers alike.

We hope that this Cheerson CX-20 review has helped you learn more about its unique and awesome features. If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, use the comments section below. Good luck and fly safe.

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