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A full drone review: Dromida Ominus

We enjoy using a lot of different drones. From the big and bulky ones to the thin and tiny units, from the simple to the feature-packed drones, we love to fly with them all.However, if we are asked to

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JJRC H8C Review: A Budget-Friendly Camera Drone

If you’re looking for a fun quadcopter to fly, then check out the JJRC H8C. It’s at par with other popular models like the UDI U818A and Syma X5C. Although, its ultimate goal is to exceed what these

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A full drone review, the Blade 200 QX

The Blade 200 QX is not an ordinary drone. This device is potent. It is capable of performing acrobatics and is ideal for beginner flyers who are looking for a cheap yet, well-rounded RC quadcopter.With

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The full scoop: Syma X8C Drone reviewpecs

Nowadays, quadcopters are becoming more and more popular not only they are inexpensive but because of their impressive features. When it comes to best quadcopter makers, Syma is undeniably worth mentioning.This

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Advance drone reviews: Walkera runner 250

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, have transformed from a leisure hobby to a whole cultural phenomenon. Today, we're going to have a closer look at Walkera Runner 250, the small drone that

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A full review of the Hubsan x4 h107c

Shopping for your first drone can be a very tricky situation. Thankfully, we are here to provide some helpful tips on picking the right ones. Moreover, if you are after a budget-friendly starter drone

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Review of the best mid priced drone: Cheerson CX-20

Are you looking for RC drones that offer a professional flying experience at a reasonable price tag? If yes, then look no further because the Cheerson CX-20 can be a great option.This best mid priced drone

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The full quadcopter review: Cheerson cx-10

Looking for the best RC drone for kids and beginner flyers? If so, then the Cheerson CX-10 is something worth getting.The main reason why this quadcopter is ideal for such users is that it is small enough

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The best options, drone flight controller, for quadcopter as well.

Drones need several parts to fly in the air smoothly and accurately, and a drone flight controller is one of the most vital components in the list. Due to their usefulness, there now lots of available

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Best children friendly options: Drones for kids

Once a tool made for military surveillance and government use, the drone has become part of the commercial tech race. Moreover, with the innovations and advancements in technology, drones are now less

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