Blade 180 QX Review

When shopping for a quadcopter, you should look for something that’s affordable, offers good battery life, and that handles well. The Blade 180 QX offers all of these benefits and more. It’s one of those drones that you have to fly to fully appreciate.

From its signature “SAFE” technology (which helps with stabilization), to its 10-minute flight time and more, it’s an RC quadcopter you should definitely check out.

In this Blade 180 QX review, we’re going to dive deeper and show you all the benefits (and drawbacks) that this beginner quadcopter has to offer.

Flight Time

10 Minutes






At first glance, this RC quadcopter might not seem like much…that is, until you turn it on. This model is super-agile and can zip through the air with ease.

In fact, some may consider it too agile (that’s for you to decide). If you want a flight experience that’s fun, fast, and aggressive, then this may be the drone for it. To give you an idea of how it flies, check out this video review:

One great thing about this drone is that you can perform single-button flips! Simply push the transmitter button followed by the direction you want to flip let the drone do the rest.

It will make you feel and look like a pro- even if you’re an absolute beginner at flying. All the meanwhile, there’s the option of adding a camera to capture aerial footage.

No review on this RC drone would be complete without talking about durability. Specifically, this drone can take a beating.

As you saw from the video review above, the flyer crashed his during a tree and it flew just fine afterwards. This isn’t to say that it’s invincible, but it will definitely last you a long time. That’s one of the things that makes it worth the price tag.

Flight Time

Blade 180 QX Review

How long can this drone stay in the air? Expect an average flight time of about 10 minutes.

Some flyers have even claimed flight times as high as 15 minutes! It really depends on the conditions you’re flying in, as well as how aggressively you’re flying.

As we mentioned in a previous article, the more aggressive you fly, the faster the battery is going to drain. 10 minutes is a nice average to fall back on, but know that you can go a lot longer by flying conservatively.

For a drone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, that’s pretty good. Now let’s move on in this review to talk about whether it’s a good investment for beginner flyers.

Should Beginner Flyers Buy This Quadcopter?

In short, yes. The reason why is because the drone comes with a beginner flight mode.

So even if you’re a newbie with little or no flying experience, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem learning the controls. Plus, newbies need a drone that’s durable, which this model provides.

If you don’t want to spend that much on a new quadcopter (we don’t blame you) then check out this page for a list of inexpensive models.

It can feel scary thinking that you can lose such a big investment with one crash. So if you want to hone your skills on something lighter and cheaper, then by all means do it.

Signature SAFE Technology Built Right In

In this part of the Blade 180 QX review, we’re going to talk about stability. After all, whether you’re a beginner or expert flyer, stability is something we all seek.

This drone comes with Blade’s signature SAFE technology. That’s the acronym used for “Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope” technology. What’s the benefit to this feature? In a nutshell, the drone will handle itself better in the wind since it will have more stability. 

In fact, it will be able to maintain a hover better in any situation with SAFE technology. This is great since there’s less pressure to have to keep your drone still in one spot (it also makes shooting aerial footage much easier).

Three Flight Modes to Choose From

Before ending this review, let’s talk about the 180 QX’s three flight modes. Specifically, it comes with three flight modes: low angle stability, high angle stability, and agility mode.

Going from left to right, the controls become more sensitive, allowing the drone to become more acrobatic.

So in agility mode, you’ll be able to fly faster and more aggressively than in low angle stability mode. Before buying the Blade 180 QX, this is something you should know.

If you don’t have much experience flying drones, it’s better to stay in the low angle stability flight mode. This is the least sensitive flight mode and the easiest to control. With a little more drone flight experience, you can move up to the second flight mode, high angle stability.

This is a little tougher to control, but you can fly way faster tool. Finally, agility mode is designed for only the best flyers (or beginners who are up for a challenge). Keep in mind that most drones come with different flight modes.

Flying at Night

Night flying with the 180 QX is possible thanks to its bright LED lights. With the drone’s lights, you’ll be able to determine its orientation and distance in the air- even if it’s completely dark outside.

While you can technically fly this drone indoors, we don’t recommend it. It’s quite fast and agile and can actually break something at the slip of the controller.

It would be like driving a racecar in a parking a lot- it’s simply too powerful for the environment. Fly this drone outdoors just to be safe.

Blade 180 QX Review – Bottom Line

This is arguably one of the best drones you can buy today. It’s fast, acrobatic, and even offers a 10-minute flight time. Some even claim flight times of up to 15 minutes! To top it all off, it can take a beating.

Whether you crash it into a bush, a tree, the cement, or your house, it should keep on flying for months and months to come. Be sure to check out this popular Blade model as well. Thanks for reading this Blade 180 QX review. Good luck and fly safe.

Flight Time

10 Minutes










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