Best Mini Quadcopter – Top 12 Models

If you’re a new flyer, it’s recommended that you get started on a mini quadcopter. Why? Because it will allow you to master the basics of flying.

Once you become good with a small quadcopter, then you can upgrade to a larger, more expensive one.

Another benefit to small models is that they can be flown inside without the worry of breaking something (good luck trying to fly your DJI Phantom 4 inside!). Let’s look at the best mini quadcopter models on the market.

Hey everyone. Welcome to this page. Below, I'm going to review, what I think, are the best micro quadcopters on the market. These drones are great for indoor flying as well as for people with little to no experience. Enjoy. 


Cheerson CX-10

The Cheerson CX-10 is a fun and inexpensive model to start with. It’s great for beginner flyers who are learning the ropes for the first time.

The CX-10 has a flight time of 3-4 minutes and a charging time of about 30 minutes. It comes with a USB charging cable so you can quickly and easily charge it via a laptop or wall outlet.

Despite its small size, this micro quadcopter can fly quite fast! If you put it on “advanced mode” (there are 3 modes), then the controls will become very sensitive. This will allow you to fly and change directions quickly.

Eachine H8 Mini

The Eachine H8 Mini is one of the few mini quadcopter models that comes with a return-to-home function.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, I’ll explain: this function will make the drone return to its original starting location at the push of a button. You won’t need to control it at all.

This is useful for when the battery is dying of when you’ve lost sight of your drone.

Due to this awesome function, I consider the Eachine H8 mini one of the best mini quadcopter models on the market. I also like the fact that the body is made from foam, so it’s difficult to break.

Cheerson CX-10C (Camera Version)

Cheerson CX10C

The Cheerson CX-10C is a close cousin to the regular CX-10. The major difference is that it comes with a camera. That’s right- this mini quadcopter comes with a camera capable of recording your flight experience.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s awesome! But it does come with a slight downside: low flight time. Since the CX-10C carries extra weight and records, it uses up the battery ore quickly.

Thus, it only gets 2-3 minutes of flight time. However, don’t let that discourage you. This drone is a lot of fly to fly indoors, and you won’t be disappointed after buying it.

Proto X

Not only is the Proto X one of the best micro quadcopters in the world, but it’s also one of the smallest. It’s a small quadcopter that measures at 5.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches.

That’s tiny! Despite its tiny size, it offers a surprising about of thrust. It also offers a competitive flight time of about 5 minutes, which is amazing for a micro model.

You can fly this drone indoors without a problem, as well as outdoors when there’s no wind out. While it’s not invincible, it can withstand hard crashes. From pavement to roofs, I’ve crashed mine multiple times and it still flies great.

Syma X12

Syma X12

The X12 is made by Syma, a highly-respected brand in the drone community. The first thing you’ll notice about this nano drone is its ability to perform 360-degree flips.

That’s right- at the push of a button, the X12 will flip in any direction of your choosing. With this feature, even complete beginners can feel like a pro.

Another reason why it’s one of the best mini quadcopter models is because it’s very responsive. By that, I mean that it responds to the controls instantaneously.

If you press left, it will go left without any lag. The same applies for any direction you fly it. It comes with 4 super-bright LED lights that allow you to track this small quadcopter when flying at night.

Quadpro Nc5

Another model to check out is the Quadpro Nc5. With a 360-degree flip button and prop guards, it offers a lot of value for the price. What’s great about this drone is that it comes with sensitivity controls.

You can change the controls to be more sensitive (for aggressive flights) or less sensitive (for conservative flights). You can fly it indoors or outdoors and it comes with everything you need to fly straight out of the box.

The Quadpro Nc5 Nano has a flight time of 7 minutes and a charging time of about 20 minutes. It also comes with four replacement propellers.

Syma X52C 

No list of the best mini quadcopters would be complete without mentioning the Syma X52C Nano Quadcopter. Like the CX-10C (mentioned earlier), it comes with a 2MP 720P HD camera.

That’s very impressive for such a small quadcopter! This quad also comes with headless mode, which basically means that you won’t need to worry about your drone’s orientation during flight.

The drone’s plastic body does a great job at absorbing crashes, while the LED lights make it possible to fly at night. If you want a drone that’s cheap and capable of recording, then give the X52C a try.

It has a flight time of about 5 minutes and a charging time of about 50 minutes.

Blade Nano QX RTF

Technically this isn’t a “micro” quadcopter, but it’s still small enough to be included on this list I think. The Blade Nano QX RTF Qudacopter is an excellent model for beginners.

That’s because it comes equipped with Blade’s signature SAFE technology. SAFE stands for “Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope”.

Basically, this technology allows the drone to maintain a steady hover, even if you aren’t that experienced. It’s more expensive than the other models on this list, but it also offers way more value and power.

This model has a flight time of about 8 minutes, a charging time of about 25 minutes (a big plus), and comes with a USB charging cable.

Syma X11

Another model that could qualify as the best mini quadcopter is the Syma X11. It can be flown indoors and outdoors without a problem. After a few seconds behind the controls, you’ll see just how smooth this drone flies.

Like most of the models on this list, it comes with a single-flip button. This small quadcopter also comes with two flight speeds, which can be changed depending on your experience level.

It can stay in the air for about 7 minutes before needing to be recharged. It has a charging time of about 40 minutes and comes with spare propellers in case you break the originals.

Though, the drone’s prop guards should minimize the chances of your props breaking.

Syma X11C (Camera Version)

The Syma X11C is the camera version of the regular X11. Overall, it has the same basic features- two flight speeds, 7 minutes of flight time, etc. The main difference is the camera.

Cameras like this one aren’t designed for professional aerial photography. They’re made simply for entertainment purposes.

If you’re looking for a drone that can deliver high-quality aerial footage, then check out our guide on the 18 best drones for sale. Note, the transmitter for the Syma X11C requires 4 AA batteries which don’t come in the box.


Another mini quadcopter that’s very good is the JJRC F180 Mini. It offers the perfect balance of strength and speed, and is affordable too.

It’s one of the best models for honing your skills, and can be flown both indoors and outdoors. Although it’s a small quadcopter, it’s still capable of taking a beating.

The transmitter comes with 360-degree flip button, while the drone itself has bright LED lights that will lead the way during an epic night flight. This micro drone has a flight time of about 8 minutes and a charging time of about 45 minutes.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Last but certainly not least is the Holy Stone HS170. It’s one of my favorites for two reasons: A) It has three different flight modes, and B) It offers good flight time of 6-7 minutes (excellent for a micro model).

The drone itself is quite sturdy, so good luck breaking it during a crash. The only downside is that it takes about 60 minutes to charge, which is about double the time it takes many of the other small quadcopter models on this list.

Still, it’s a lot of fun to fly and can stay in the air for about 7 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Best Mini Quadcopter - Bottom Line

These are some of the better micro models out there in my opinion. If you’re still undecided, check out my guide on the best drones for kids. It’s got some excellent models to guy teens and younger flyers.

Also, be sure to read my article on how to fly. It’s got some tips on how to get comfortable behind the controls if you’re a newbie.

Finally, if you’re struggling on making your drone fly longer, then check out our article on extending drone flight time. As always, good luck and fly safe!

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