Best indoor drone, mini, with camera, quadcopter, and more!

Admit it, when you hear the word ‘drone,’ you’d immediately think of outdoors – wide flying area and high altitude. Moreover, maybe you want to try on drone flying, but you do not have that much open space.

Worry no more because we will be showing the best indoor drones for you! You see, drones or quadcopters are not just for open spaces. You can fly one even in your living room!

That is why we have indoor drones in the market. They are specifically designed to be small and durable. These are just two primary qualities that make the best indoor drones.

Best Indoor Quadcopters

1. Syma X20 

The X20 is one of the newest and smallest quadcopters released by Syma. Even more, it is also the cheapest you will find in this list which makes it an excellent gift for adults and kids alike.

X20 comes as an RTF mini indoor drone with a small minimalist transmitter. However, its propellers are detachable so you can keep them in a more secure spot to avoid breakage. The battery and prop guards, on the other hand, are built-in.

The non-replaceable battery poses a minor concern for some flyers, especially since it only allows around 5 minutes flight time. Although for some, it is enough for indoor flying fun.

Some would also think twice about the built-in prop guards. However, they don’t cause that much issue since they are very light and hardly affect flight performance.

Prop guards are found very useful since you are more likely to hit something when flying indoors. Prop guards prevent your drone from acquiring critical damage.

Flying the X20 is also easy. It is maneuverable, agile and operates smoothly. It features altitude hold, headless mode and one-key takeoff/landing, making this mini indoor drone excellent for beginners and kids! 

The X20 also has two speed modes – low and high, therefore giving you an option based on your flying skill. To keep you oriented, this quadcopter also has red lights on the front and green lights at the rear.

Overall, its meager price and excellent flight performance make the Syma X20 one of the best indoor drones.

  • Highly affordable
  • Built-in yet lightweight prop guards
  • Maneuverable, agile and flies smoothly
  • One-key takeoff/landing and two-speed modes
  • Orientation lights – red in front and green at the back
  • Built-in battery
  • Long charging time

2. Blade Nano QX 

Blade Nano QX is considerably one of the best indoor drones especially for first-time flyers (and not for kids).

The flight performance of this quadcopter is found to be impressive. It is straightforward to fly and maintains a stable hover. To make your flight more manageable, Nano QX has stability and agility modes.

When on stability mode, a solid blue LED light is on. It allows you to have smooth and calm flight, restricting the pitch and rolls. The agility mode, however, is marked by a red LED light. It removes the restriction in your pitch and roll and allows you to move with agility and speed.

Blade Nano QX also has low and high-speed rates. Low-speed rate allows you to familiarize with the quadcopter’s behavior and response. On the other hand, high rate will enable you to perform even your tricks at a fast speed.

It is made of light plastic yet sturdy enough to withstand light crashes.  Nano QX also has prop guards to protect the drone, especially its propellers.

It comes with a small 150mAh LiPo pack that gives around 7 minutes of flying time. However, you can also buy and use spare batteries for longer flight time. It also has red and blue flashing lights that will warn you if your quadcopter is already low on battery.

 In sum, Blade Nano QX is the best indoor drone that allows both calm flying and some tricks.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to fly and maintains a stable hover
  • Features stability and agility modes
  • Allows use of a spare battery 
  • Warning lights once the battery is low
  • Not designed for kids
  • BNF model does not come with a controller, but you can use a spectrum radio

3. Holy Stone HS170 

Holy Stone also offers a quality nano quadcopter at a meager price – the HS170. It is excellent for children and even for adults!

Compared to previous models on the list that only offers two-speed modes, the HS170 features three-speed settings! You can choose among slow, mid and high rate depending on your drone flying skills.

The HS170 is very responsive to your control, quick and maneuverable, and very durable. These qualities make this drone not only great for indoors but will also do just fine even outdoors. It also has prop guards to protect it from the side and corner impacts.

This nano quadcopter also features landing feet to provide some cushion. However, it is quite springy, so you still need to be more careful to avoid bouncing one the drone lands.

It also has a headless mode that allows the drone to orient itself away from the remote control. This feature assures you that it will not go heading in various directions. More so, HS170 allows you to do 3D (360-degree) flips with just a push of a button.

HS170 is powered by a removable 350mAh LiPo battery that gives you a flying time of around 6 minutes. Should you wish for longer flight time, then you can easily buy spare batteries on the market.

However, you might notice an odd-looking wire at the side of your drone. This connects the battery to your drone, but it does not affect its flight performance.

HS170 is packed with features making it great not just for indoors but also for outdoors. With all these being said, HS 170 is our top choice for the best indoor quadcopter (without a camera).

  • Very affordable
  • Has three-speed settings
  • Headless mode and one-key flips
  • Removable battery
  • Hanging battery wire
  • May bounce and flip on landing

Best Indoor Quadcopters with Camera

1. Holy Stone HS200 

Holy Stone HS200 is an FPV drone that comes with a non-detachable 2-megapixel camera. It allows you to capture and record pictures or videos in 720p resolution. Through the Holy Stone app, you can also connect it your iPhone or Android device.

It also has a 2.4GHz transmitter that has a 100-120 meter transmission range and 50-meter video transmission range. Such variety is considerably more than enough for flying indoors.

It measures at approximately 12.6” x 12.6”, which is a moderate size for a drone – not too big nor a mini. It has a red body with black propellers and props guards. It is also equipped with LED navigation lights that increase the appeal of the quadcopter.

HS200 is powered by a 3.7V 650mAh battery that gives you a 7 to 9 minutes flight time. However, you can purchase spare batteries to lengthen your flying time.

Its flight performance is also adjustable to fit beginners, experts and everyone in between. HS200 is packed with four-speed modes, headless mode, altitude hold, gravity sensor mode, and one-button takeoff/landing! These features will surely be enjoyed by beginners and more advanced flyers alike.

Although HS200 is a bit more pricey compared to the previous models in this list, its excellent features sure make up for the additional cost. As such, it sure is one of the best indoor drones and our favorite pick for one with a camera.

  • Great for beginners and expert flyers
  • Heavily packed with features
  • Four-speed modes
  • Non-detachable camera
  • Take off, and landing is still quite tricky

2. Altair Aerial AA108

Next on the list of best indoor drones is another inside drone with a camera – Altair Aerial 1108It is easy to use, and the controls are intuitive and beginner-friendly.

It was built with durability and strength to withstand indoor crashes. It also comes with guards not just on the corners but straight on both sides. As a bonus, a package of Aerial 1108 provides an extra set of propellers.

The 720p onboard camera is also quite good considering the drone’s price. You may not be able to adjust or rotate the camera, but it covers 120 degrees, which is fairly wide.

You may also have a live FPV of what your camera is seeing using a smartphone or VR goggles. (However, you will have to buy the VR goggles if you want to.)

With regards to flight performance, the one-touch takeoff/landing button makes the Aerial AA1108 recommendable for beginners. It also has three-speed settings, so you have an option for a beginner, mid or expert. It also has a headless mode feature which was already explained earlier.

Another outstanding feature of this mini indoor drone is the custom flight routes. Using the app for your smartphone, you can draw a flight route which your drone will automatically follow.

Aerial AA1108 has the average flying time of 8 minutes. When it’s already low on battery, an alarm will sound from your controller to remind you to land your drone.

Another safety feature that will trigger an alarm from your controller is when the drone goes out of range. It will sound when your drone reaches beyond 300 feet away from your position,

Lastly, in case you lose control of your drone, your controller has an emergency landing button. It will cause your quadcopter to shut down and drop immediately.

  • Relatively affordable for a camera drone
  • Easy to fly and durable
  • Comes with extra set of propellers
  • Has many safety features – perfect for beginners
  • Long recharging time
  • Unusual charging connector
  • Quite hard to find in dark spaces

3. Syma X21W

The Syma  X21W is the cheapest indoor drone with camera that you will find on this list.  It is similar to the X20, only with a camera and wifi connectivity.

This mini indoor drone has its camera embedded in the drone head. However, you cannot expect much from the camera because it is only 0.3megapixel at 720p.

You can connect the live camera feed to your phone using the Syma GO app. It also allows you to save photos and videos directly to your phone.

Aside from FPV live feed, the Syma GO app also allows on-screen controls particularly the waypoint and gravity control modes.

The waypoint function is similar to Altair Aerial AA108 custom flight routes. It allows you to draw a path which the quadcopter will follow.

The gravity control function, on the other hand, allows you to fly your drone by just tilting your phone.

Other key features of the X21W include altitude hold, headless mode and one essential takeoff/landing.

It also retains the LED lights, but now they also serve as warning signs when the battery is already low. It also kept the non-removable battery that only gives around 5 minutes flight time.

The X21W is sure densely packed with features that should not be underestimated because of its low price. Because of this perfect combo, it sure is worthy to belong in this list of best indoor drones.

  • A very cheap camera drone
  • LED warning lights for low battery
  • Waypoint and gravity control functions
  • Non-removable battery
  • WiFi FPV usually lags
  • Low megapixel camera

Best Indoor Racing Drones

1. MJX Bugs 3 Mini

The MJX Bugs 3 Mini is the smallest model in the line of MJX Bugs RTF drones. Even at a very affordable price, this little drone is not to be underestimated.

It notably boasts of two flight modes – the Angle Mode and the Acro Mode. Angle mode, or Self-level mode, puts your quadcopter in a neutral position when you take your hands off the controls. This is the default flight mode of Bugs 3 Mini, so it wouldn’t crash when you don’t operate the controls.

Acro mode, on the other hand, is the most challenging mode for flying but the most responsive. It is also one of the reasons why experienced flyers are opting for the Bugs 3 Mini. The Acro Mode allows the experienced flyer to fly smoother than the stabilization provided by other modes.

The Bugs 3 Mini also boasts of its 300m range and up to 10 -13 minutes flying time. To make this even better, you can extend your indoor flying fun with spare batteries.  It also has a low battery alarm, out of range alarm and headless mode.

The best thing about this drone is its ability to fly extra fast, making it perfect for indoor drone races.

You also have the option of installing a camera that will allow for FPV flying.  We would recommend the C5810 and its accompanying D43 FPV monitor if that’s what you intend to do.

It is powered by a brushless motor which is quite surprising given its price. It allows the maximum upward lift of 230g and enables the drone to fly even with moderate wind.

Overall, the Bugs 3 Mini is one of the best indoor drones for racing that you’ll find! Moreover, you won’t even have to break the bank!

  • Great for both beginners and skilled flyers
  • Long flight range and time
  • Flies super fast
  • Very affordable
  • Might be hard to find in dark places because of its color
  • Price

2. Parrot Mambo FPV

The Parrot Mambo FPV is a small drone that can serve perfectly as an entry-level racing drone. It is small enough to fit in your hand, but it can support modular accessories.

It comes in a complete drone racing pack, including an FPV headset. You will find this as a perfect companion for the 720p HD camera attached to your Parrot Mambo. This racing kit sure is one of the best indoor drones you will find.

It also has green LED light in front of its white plastic body.  It has four plastic ‘limbs’ branching out from the body that serve as landing legs. These limbs also serve as the stand for the rotor blades.

The rotor blades are made of plastic, so if they got bent, you could easily bend them back into shape. Its prop guards, moreover, are easy to pop on and off. So you can easily remove them once you’ve got the hang of flying the Parrot Mambo.

When it comes to flight performance, Parrot Mambo has three flight modes to choose from – Easy, Drift, and Racing.

The Easy Mode stabilizes your drone horizontally and vertically so it can still fly well even with minimum control. Drift Mode, however, supports your drone only vertically, giving you more control.

The Racing Mode, lastly, is for the more experienced flyers. It gives you complete control over your Parrot Mambo and turns off the autopilot completely.

You can control it through a smartphone app or through the controller that comes with the kit. With the phone, flight range is only 40 meters. Meanwhile, the controller allows you to fly up to 60 meters away.

With regards to flight time, its battery is only enough for up to eight minutes.

  • Three-speed modes for beginners to skilled flyers
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Great photo and video quality
  • Controls are easy to learn and use
  • Does not have Altitude Hold and Auto Hovering
  • Quite big

Features To Consider

best indoor quadcopter

Before you go on buying the best indoor quadcopter for you, we highly suggest that you continue reading along.

For this section, we will present some criteria that you should consider before making up your mind.

As a quick run through, we will discuss the inside drones’ design and build, flight and control, battery life, photography/videography use, and price. These are the aspects that you should look for in the best indoor drones.

Design and Build

Since you intend to fly your drone indoors, this is significantly the first criteria that you should consider.

Given a closed space, mini, nano and microdrones are the best size of drones for you. Such size allows you to fly more easily without crashing on your valuables. Smaller drones are also more maneuverable compared to bigger drones (but we will discuss that later on).

With regards to particular parts of the drones, propeller guards (or prop guards) are not optional. Instead, they are vital to protecting your drone and the things inside your home. You would want to find a drone with lightweight prop guards and will not significantly affect the drone’s flight time.

Next on the aspect of design are the drone’s color and LED lights. Light colors and LED lights make the drone easier to find especially if it accidentally landed in a dark corner.

Regarding build, you should check the drone’s durability. Regardless if you’re an expert or a beginner, it is still likely that you would crash on to something. So you will want a drone that will not easily break because of an unexpected landing.

If you’re opting for an indoor drone with camera, make sure that the camera’s strategically located. Somewhere that will least likely be a point of impact.

Having said those, the best indoor drones are small (the smaller, the better), have propeller guards and are durable. If you want a camera, then it should not be placed at a point of possible impact or crash. LED lights will also come in handy.

Flight and Control

indoor drone with camera

It is essential that the drone be highly maneuverable and agile. It should be able to change the angle and move to a different direction quickly to avoid accidental crashes. These specifications are also necessary for you to easily navigate around the things in your house.

The drone should also be very responsive to your controls and is easy to fly. It should be able to change the direction the second you want it to. Otherwise, its maneuverability and agility are useless.

Drones that can easily do flips and rolls without taking too much space are also more entertaining. They are also great for practicing exhibitions if you want to try on flying quadcopters outdoors later on.

Another interesting flight feature of some indoor drones is the ability to follow a particular flight path automatically. It is sometimes called the waypoint function.

Battery Life

Most mini indoor drones also have short battery life. In the average, they only have 5 to 8 minutes flight time. This may seem to be too short flight time, but it’s enough since you’re just flying indoors.

If you want your drone to spend more time in the air, then there are drones with a removable battery. If you’re opting for this kind, then pick a drone which spare batteries are cheap and pretty common in the market. Those that have shorter recharging time are also a better choice.


inside drones

Not all mini indoor drones have camera. However, if you are trying on aerial photography/videography, you will also find an indoor drone with camera that can suit you.

Since you are only flying the drone indoors, you should understand that its camera does not have advanced features. You may not be able to adjust the angle or change the direction of the lens.

However, you can already find those that can capture and record high-quality photos and videos, a sum even up to 1080p.


Smaller drones are more affordable than bigger ones. You may not have to spend more than $100, so this does not usually pose any concern.

However, the price is still a good point of comparison among various drone models.

Benefits of Having Indoor Drones

mini indoor drone

Drones are becoming more and more popular among various recreational gadgets. If you are still wary about buying a mini indoor drone, here are some reasons that would hopefully convince you.


Compared to other quadcopters on the market, the best indoor drones are a lot more affordable. Mainly this is because inside drones do not need to have fancy features as outdoor drones do.

They are small and lightweight with straightforward construction design. As such, they also do not require much material and labor to be put up.

Another factor that makes them affordable is the fact that they do not need a high-powered transmitter. Ordinary controllers can easily control inside drones. Some will even do just fine with only a smartphone app.

Suitable for All Ages

This is our favorite aspect about the best indoor drones we have featured here. Inside drones are so easy to fly that even kids can do it.  Unlike other kids’ toys, they are entertaining enough even for the adults.

People, as young as seven years old, will appreciate the thrill in maneuvering these flying toys. They will also enjoy the fun of performing tricks and stunts with their indoor drones even though they are not highly skilled.

Even more, the best indoor quadcopters are usually designed as RTF (ready to fly). If they are given as a gift, kids can already enjoy them in an instant! They don’t even have to bother their parents about the assembly as some other toys need.


If you want to try on drone flying without spending much, then indoor drones are also perfect you.

Yes, you may also try on the various quadcopter simulators, but the main difference is that they are just virtual. Some simulators may be pretty accurate, yet you still have no actual drone to hold on to.

Besides, high-quality simulators are also quite costly. So if you are already willing to invest some amount for your practice, indoor drones are worth considering.

Moreover, this kind of quadcopters lets you practice your drone flying skills in a controlled environment. You don’t have to worry about wind or other weather elements that might cause your drone to crash.

Risks of Flying Inside Drones 

best indoor quadcopter

You might think that having the best indoor drones will not pose any threat to you or your kids. However, similar to other toys that you have or hobbies that you enjoy, flying inside drones may also be risky.

Here are some things that you should look out for:

Mechanical/Electronic Failure

Among other things, the first thing that may cause your drone to crash is the drone itself.

Since most mini indoor drones are ready-to-fly (RTF), drone flyers tend to neglect pre-flight safety procedures.

They would power up their drones and immediately launch them into the air. Then, it is too late for them to realize that there’s some mechanical or electronic problem(s) with the drone.

Only when the drone lands on the floor will they discover that there is a loose part. Alternatively, maybe that a propeller was already cracked.

Loss of Connection

Your drone will only fly based on what you do with its remote control (RC) or transmitter. So if the drone loses its connection with your transmitter, your drone will not have a basis for its next move.

The loss of connection could be because of drained battery – either in your transmitter or your drone. Another possible cause for the loss of connection is when your drone goes out of range.

Range varies per transmitter and drone. So you might want to check that out in the manual before flying so high. Entering from room to room may also affect the range since walls may block out the signal.

Other Aircraft

If you have more one drone and there’s more than one flyer in the house, then you should be alert, You should be able to watch out not only your drone’s flight but also that of the other drone.

Even the best indoor quadcopters are not built to withstand crashes with other drones. So better maintain some safe distance from other drone or any aircraft for that matter.

Indoor Drone Flying Tips

indoor drone with camera

By now, you already know which models are the best indoor drones and the factors that you should look into. You also already know the advantages of having one and of course, some risks that you may encounter.

We are now down to the last section, but this doesn’t mean that it is the least important in this post.

If you read this part carefully, you will surely be able to protect your drone more smoothly. Also, you will be able to keep the valuables in your house safe.

Pick the best indoor quadcopter

From the many mini indoor drones available in the market, we have already provided here the best indoor drones for you. They still vary from one aspect or another.

Some are still quite bigger than others. Some have two-speed modes while others have three or four. Some have a camera while others don’t. Moreover, all other features that some quadcopters have while others lack.

So we suggest that you read and study again the Features to Consider of this article. Think thoroughly what you want to do with your drone. Also, pick the best one that would be most entertaining and thrilling for you.

Reset your drone

Some drones feature the ability to remember previous flight settings and conditions. For a safer flight, it should be part of your pre-flight and post-flight procedures to reset the settings and flight conditions.

This is especially necessary if you have tried to take your inside drones for some quick flight outdoors. You might have adjusted your drone settings tremendously that may damage your quadcopter once indoors.

Some drones have the reset button visible on the remote. If you can’t find one, you may check the manual on how to reset.

Remove or protect furniture and other valuable items

Furniture around your house may not get damaged because of mini indoor drones but your toy might.

Moreover, even though nothing gets damaged because of your great flying skills, furniture mostly limit your flying space.

It would help if you also kept away any breakable things or other things that may be knocked over. Your precious vase can be broken into pieces. Your indoor plants might also tumble and spill some soil over your floor, or even worse, on your carpet.

Keep your pet away

Best indoor drone

This is mainly about your cats and dogs. These pets are naturally curious and would want to tap your drone, being the least.

If you’re planning to play with your pet using your best indoor drone, that would not be a good idea. Certainly, you’re cats and dogs will play with you and chase after it. However, imagine what will happen once they reach your drone.

Your quadcopter will terribly get some scratches from your cat. Alternatively, your pet could get hurt from the drone’s impact. Alternatively, both. You would surely not want any of that to happen.

Know the nuances of your drone

Familiarize yourself with your drone. Know even the tiny details of your drone. Does it tend to move towards the right, instead of straight ahead? How fast can it turn from one direction to the other?

How much time do you have before that drone or its transmitter battery gets low on battery? Do you know the use of all the controls? Do you know how you’ll be able to land your drone safely in case of an emergency?

Confidence in your flying knowledge and skills is vital once you launch your quadcopter indoors. This will also enable you to maximize your best indoor drone.

Steer away from the ceilings, walls, and floors

You might think that you don’t need this tip and that you know that these fixtures may damage your drone.

Aside from physical damage, flying so close to the ceilings, walls and floors also affect the movement of air.  Your quadcopter can get unstable when there’s not enough air to displace above, below or at each side.

Even the best indoor drones will have a hard time flying smoothly when they’re closed to ceilings, walls, and floors.

Adjust your drone flight controls

Some drones have pre-set configuration specifically for indoor flying. Before entirely flying your drone around, it will help you if you will adjust the flight controls.

Configure it according to your preference and skill so you can maneuver your drone easily.

Get spare parts ready

Since inside drones are small, even the tiniest dents or damage (especially on the propellers) can affect your drone’s flight. So if you want to continue flying your drone indoors, better keep some spare parts readily available.

For more quick tips on indoor drone flying, you can continue reading these guidelines.

Wrap Up

If you have read through this whole article, you are now ready to choose your best indoor drones. We have already provided you with the best options in the market and the factors you need to consider as you buy one.

Our favorite choice is none other than Holy Stone HS170. It has many great features that will come in handy for adults and kids. Moreover, the best part is that they come at an affordable price.

However, if you’re aiming for a camera drone, the Holy Stone HS200 is our top choice. It is still affordable and densely packed with features you will surely appreciate.

If you have a minimal budget, the Syma X20 is the top budget pick and the Syma X21W if you need an indoor drone with camera.

For racing purposes, the best indoor drone for us is the MJX Bugs 3 Mini. This is mainly because it comes with great features at a very affordable price.

Having the best indoor drone around brings various benefits aside from entertainment. It would help if you also were watchful about the risks the indoor flying.

To guide you more in this indoor hobby, we have also listed some tips as you get along. Above all, make sure to fly your best indoor drone more carefully and watch your surroundings!






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