A full review: Air Hogs Helix Drone

Are you looking for a beginner quadcopter that is designed uniquely and constructed with durability in mind? If so, then the Air Hogs Helix Drone can be a great option.

The main reason why Air Hogs made the Helix X4 is to provide everybody a versatile and unique quad that can withstand several crash landings.

Nevertheless, to offer you a comprehensive look about Air Hogs Helix Drone, we have made this content for you. In this Air Hogs drone review will tackle everything you need to know about the quad’s unique features, designer, performance, built quality, and among others.

To begin this review, let’s find out the items that you can get when you purchase the Helix X4 from Amazon.

Flight Time

6-8 Minutes



Flight Range

40 Meters

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What’s Inside the Box?

Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Quad

-User manual

-USB charger



The Air Hogs Helix Drone is quite different from other models because aside from having a plastic body, its body is constructed using foam. Its foam body, on the other hand, makes it virtually indestructible during unexpected crashes.

You can crash it to rocks, trees, cars, homes, or even cement. Moreover, regardless of this fact, this quad will still keep on going as if nothing happens.

Apart from being durable and lightweight, the Helix 4 can perform flips by pressing a single button. In our outlook, it is one of the best drones that you can buy for children.

Nevertheless, because of its controls that are very easy to use and solid body, quadcopter flyers most especially the beginners will surely like it.

Moreover, just like any other quads, this model also has some drawbacks which will tackle later on.

Air Hogs Helix X4 Review: Specifications and Features

Durability and Design 

air hogs helix drone

The first thing that you will surely notice with is its sturdiness. It is so durable in which there is only a little chance that you will damage it during crashes.

As what we said a while ago, unlike most quadcopters that are equipped with plastic bodies, this model features a foam body. As a result, if you crash it to concrete from 100ft in the air, you will only expect minimal damage. Either way, this quad is ideal for everybody who is still learning how to fly such a device.

However, with every advantage, there is a disadvantage. While it’s durable its frame that is light in weight makes it vulnerable to winds. With said, if there is a light breeze outside, maneuvering the Air Hogs Helix Drone can be difficult.

However, one thing is for sure you can fly it indoors without any trouble. Simple because it is light and the propellers ate well secure from the surroundings. Thus, you don’t need to worry about damaging or breaking anything.


In spite of looking big in the image, the quad is pretty small. It only measures 8″ by 8″ by 2″ As you can it not extremely large at all. Do not allow its small size stop from buying or giving this quad a try.

The Air Hogs Helix X4 is capable of performing barrel rolls as well as flips. In simple words, it is an acrobatic quad though it may not look at first.

Moreover, the transmitter of this quadcopter features a particular button. When you press it, this will let your quad perform flips effortlessly depending on your chosen direction. Nevertheless, it looks cools and learning this how to fly is very easy.


This Air Hogs drone review will not be completed without talking about the quad’s transmitter.

The transmitter has a “Stunt” button. The button is red in color and big in size. For that reason missing it is nearly impossible.

As you can see in the photo, the controller is approximately the same size as the quadcopter.

Just like any other transmitters, Helix X4’s transmitter also operates on 2.4GHz frequency. Apart from that, it will fit in your hands comfortably and nicely.

Air Hogs, on the other hand, have created the transmitter with two different flight modes the beginner and advanced mode.

1. Beginner: This is less sensitive and allows every flyer to take off with ease. Moreover, since it features a gyroscope stabilization, you will be able to slowly discover how this quad handles as well as mend control after performing stunts with ease.

2. Advanced. As the name suggests, this mode is ideal for advanced flyers since the controls are more sensitive letting them fly aggressively. The advanced mode provides more speed as well as power letting you do dangerous stunts.

When it comes to pairing the transmitter and quad, trust us, it is relatively easy. All you have to do is place the Air Hogs Helix X4 on an even or flat surface, then switch it on.

After which switch the transmitter in beginner mode. However, if you are sure of what you’re doing, you set it to advanced mode. Nevertheless, make sure that the throttle is pressed downwards before switching on the transmitter.

Flight Performance

The Air Hogs Helix Drone is impressive from the tech perception. This quad comes equipped with four ducted fans that allow it to accomplish serious speeds as well as show extremely high maneuverability.

Air Hogs claims that the tech you can see in this quad is state-of-the-art. Plus the specifications can be matched with armed technology.

Nevertheless, whether it is legit or not, there is no doubt the Air Hogs Helix Drone provides great aerial acrobatics.  Quad lovers, on the other hand, will surely love to fly this model as well. With the excellent performance provides, it technically wears the feat tag.

Flight Time and Battery 

air hogs drone review

In this part of our Air Hogs drone review, we are going to talk about the flight time and drone’s battery.

This quad comes equipped with a 3.7V Li-Po battery that can be removed. The transmitter, on the other hand, requires eight double-A batteries to work. You can charge the quad using the USB charger provided by the manufacturer or any smartphone charger. However, the battery of the quad takes about 45 minutes to charge fully.

When it comes to the flight time, this quad can stay on the air for about six minutes. However, if you are flying in a non-windy condition, you may extend the flight time to one or two minutes.

Nevertheless, if you want to fly longer, we are advising you to operate this quad indoors. If you consider our advice, you will experience less struggle that places less stress on the drone’s motors.

Either way, if you want to know more how to fly your quad longer, you can check this article.

Flight Range or Distance

Unlike other quadcopters, the Air Hogs Helix Drone can only go as far as 40 meters which is not a good thing, especially for advanced flyers.


The Air Hogs Helix X4 is made explicitly for flying with fun not for taking aerial photographs as well as filming. Moreover, that is the main reason does not equip with a camera and support any camera.

It may be considered a big drawback. Because as we all know filming aerial footage during your flight is an excellent experience.

However, if it comes equipped with a camera, with all the stunts it provides, you will forget to press the button intended for recording.

Additional Features

If you’re going look the remote strictly, you undoubtedly notice a few sticks. Such sticks are positioned in the area in which the trim controls are typically found.

However, these sticks essentially do nothing. Instead, they are giving a more spectacular look. Since the Air Hogs Helix Drone comes equipped with inbuilt gyroscope stabilization, the trim controls aren’t needed.

It is a good thing, because, in this way, even a human who doesn’t have any experience when it comes to flying a drone will be able to operate it with ease. Trim controls, on the other hand, are relatively confusing.

Nevertheless, the gyroscope stabilization can be a good way to attract everybody most especially kids in the realm of RC toys as it allows them to fly without any problem.

Built-In Propeller Guards 

air hogs helix x4

There is no doubt; it is considered one of the best features of Air Hogs Helix Drone. Its built-in propeller guards make it impossible to damage your propellers.

In addition to that, they are entirely sealed off on foam; thus even if you crash on a rock or tree, they will not be damaged. The majority of quadcopters today come with propeller guards which come separately. Meaning to say you will have to attach them manually.

Fortunately, the Air Hogs Helix quadcopter saves you from this trouble. It flies and looks a lot like the UDI U818A, but it is more durable.

What We Liked 

-Easy to fly

-High-quality and comfortable transmitter

-Built with durability in mind

-It only requires a minimal learning curve

-Comes with two different flight modes

-Features ducted fans

-It has a gyroscope stabilization

-Offers a stable flight

-Fast and maneuverable

-Sports a beautiful and unique design

-It is capable of performing flips and stunts

-Foam body

-Great for beginner flyers

-Equipped with built-in propeller guards

-Versatile and flexible

What We Didn’t Like 

-Short flight time and range

-Doesn’t equipped nor support any camera

-The transmitter requires lots of batteries

-It is vulnerable to winds because of its lightweight

Bottom Line

All in all the Air Hogs Helix Drone is an excellent value for the money. For an inexpensive price, you will undoubtedly get an excellent bargain in the Air Hogs Helix X4. It is considered one of the best quadcopters on the market that deserves your attention.

To sum it all, this quadcopter comes with a lightweight and foam body and fully enclosed propellers. In addition to that, it is uniquely designed and durable. Though it has only a short flight time of six minutes, this quad can offer you a fun flying experienced.

On the other hand, if you are flying aggressively and crashes often, you can still utilize it for a longer time,

Nevertheless, if you are searching for a similarly valued quadcopter that is ideal for beginner flyers as well, you can read our review about Syma X5SW

Hopefully, this Air Hogs drone review gives you a clear understanding of what makes this quad different from others. If you have any question, you can ask them on the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

Flight Time

6-8 Minutes



Flight Range

40 Meters






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